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“You’re Gonna Win The League” If You Follow These Fantasy Football Tips!


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For many people, the opportunity to partake in weekly fantasy soccer contests is a new phenomenon. What they will quickly learn is how much fun and excitement it generates and how difficult it can be to win if the right kind of information is not readily available. For novice and beginners, it is important to remember than many of the other competitors treat weekly fantasy sports seriously and they come to win. Yes, the simple act of playing fantasy soccer is fun, but winning makes it that much more so.

With most major soccer seasons in full swing, online sports books throughout Europe have been making offers for the best free bets to help get players into action. You should take advantage of free bets because finding something of value that is truly free in this world is near impossible. For a gambler, what could possibly have more value than free bets or the best free bets offers? In the world of weekly fantasy soccer, information is the most valuable thing you can offer a gambler and manager.

Rules for Picking the Best Team Possible

Let’s try to level the playing field a little for the people who are new to this brand of sports participation. You will be playing in either the head-to-head or multi-entry contests of your choosing. In head-to-head competition, some fantasy sites will offer up statistics on each competitor. You need to start by selecting managers with lower winning percentages on the assumption they too are novice players. From there, it all boils down to how you pick your team within the confines of the salary cap established by the contest rules. Here are some quick guidelines to consider when selecting players.

Finding Hidden Value

Most managers will use a portion of their salary cap on superstars who score high, but carry a high price. The winners are usually the managers who successfully find and select second and third tier players who step up and have a solid week. You need to spend most of your available time analysing players in those levels.

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Using Information

If you don’t take the opportunity to use readily available statistical information when selecting your players, you stand to be at a disadvantage because your opponents have the same access and will use it to beat you. You should find a couple of reliable sites that provide free stats and become a patron.

Play With Your Head, Not Your Heart

The only value you will get from selecting your favourite players and your favourite teams is the pride you will feel from being loyal. Unfortunately, your wallet will become lighter if you proceed that way on a regular basis. If your favourites fit and offer value, fine, but being unrealistic will bring your demise.

Match-ups Matter

Choosing a great player against the best defence in the league offers poor value. You will find better value by picking good players going up against bad defensive teams and goalkeepers and the stats will tell you who those teams and goalkeepers are. A good rule of thumb is to identify the two best defensive teams in the league and eliminate all offensive opponents from your wish list. Likewise, try to include a low-priced player or two on your roster if they are playing one of the two worst defences in the leagues.

Streaks and Slumps

Look for players who have been playing well in recent weeks. The sudden turnaround could be attributable to more playing time or new offensive alignments. Also, young players are worth watching as they are usually priced low and might start scoring in bunches when they finally find their place within the offences. If good players are slumping, there is no harm in avoiding them until they get back on track.

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