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Would Van Persie be a good signing for United?

Within the last few days, Sir Alex Ferguson has publicly admitted making an offer for, Arsenal star man, Robin Van Persie.

This is a big statement. Usually United prefer to keep any transfer announcements quiet until a deal has been finalised. Does this suggest a move is really on the cards?

Both Manchester City and Juventus have reportedly cooled their interest in the Dutch striker. Based on this, Van Persie now has two options; stay at Arsenal or make the switch to United.

I’ve tried to avoid writing about this rumour for a while now, but as a transfer seems to be intensifying, I feel now’s the time to consider his compatibility at Old Trafford.

There are obviously two sides to this argument; either he will or he won’t suit the current set up at the club. Some fans would love to see Van Persie in a United shirt, others would prefer Sir Alex to pursue other targets.

There’s no doubt that at peak fitness, Van Persie is a top, top player. If we forget all other details for a moment; if Sir Alex Ferguson does sign the striker, capable of 30+ goals a season, for £20 million, it would have to be considered a great signing for the club. However there are various over factors to consider.

His age is obviously something to remember. At 29, Van Persie potentially still has several playing years ahead of him, however, this could easily turn out differently. Sir Alex signed Berbatov at the top of his game and after one excellent season at the club he now appears very rarely in the first team. In Van Persie I can see potential of a repeat case and at the cost of over £20 million, is he worth the risk?

On the other hand, he would make the perfect partner alongside Wayne Rooney. Rooney loves to play off the main striker, something he’s never really had the opportunity to do at United. Last season Welbeck’s emergence gave him the freedom to play this role, but not to the extent that Van Persie’s arrival would allow.

Based on this, Welbeck’s position in the first team would probably be sacrificed. I really like Welbeck and I think he has great potential and a great future ahead of him for both United and England. But without first team football, he’ll never reach his maximum ability. Although, Ferguson may decide to rotate both strikers, but this probably isn’t a great idea for either player, less minutes usually means less goals.

The 29 year old has a long history of frequent injury problems. Last campaign Van Persie had an incredible season. However, this was the first time in his career he’d had a long term spell free of injury. If he is able to remain fit at United, he would be a great addition to the squad. But this seems highly unlikely based on the rest of his time in professional football.

My main fear concerning this speculation is how it’ll effect Ferguson’s transfer policy for the remainder of the summer. Van Persie would obviously be a big signing for Man United, but I’m worried the fans would become too easily satisfied after seeing a completed deal. In my opinion, United are strongest in attack, it’s the midfield and defence that really need improving. All this Van Persie excitement seems to have drawn the emphasis away from the positions that really need looking at. At a high price, this transfer would also take a big chunk out of the clubs transfer budget.

Personally, I would love to see Van Persie given the chance to shine at Old Trafford. When fit he’s an outstanding player and Ferguson has the experience, similar to Wenger, of getting the best out of players. For now we’ll just have to see what happens. This saga has continued for months and I imagine it’ll carry on for a little while longer. One thing’s for certain, it would take a lot of guts for him to now stay at Arsenal.