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Worrying times ahead for Arsenal?

As we have passed the 40 days mark until the closure of the transfer window, Arsenal are on the end of much talk throughout the media as they are still yet to capture a key signing which is needed to boost the North London side chances of finally winning silverware after an 8 year period.

As an Arsenal fan I was one of many to believe that this really was going to be the summer of change for us.

With the hope of signing some big names in football which would help improve the Arsenal squad which I believe is already a great foundation to really progress and go on to achieve in the near future with the help of some summer signings.

As I said previously we have now passed the 40 day mark until the transfer window closes and just under 4 weeks until the new premier league season and the only signature Arsenal have captured is young French international Yaya Sanogo on a free transfers from Ligue 2 side Aj Auxerre.

Now with as much promise as this youngster brings to Arsenal will he just go on to be another young singing who sits on the bench for a two seasons then gets to the point where he just hasn’t progressed enough to play in the first time every week and finally moves on to another club.

This seems to be a regular occurrence with Arsenal over recent transfers history as they will sign young talent which eventually don’t cut the grade needed to really play at a huge club such as Arsenal.

This isn’t to say I disagree with signing younger players and that all of them fail to make it at the club. As we all know Cesc Fabregas played his first match for Arsenal at the age of 16 and now he is playing at arguably the most famous club in the world, Barcelona. Yet i feel along with a huge amount of Arsenal fans out there, that maybe Arsenal as a club should start to focus on nurturing talent already available rather than to grow it and sell on once they reach a high standard.

So this leads on to my point about singing big names rather than too many young players, which really tend to be a waste of time at the club.

Many football fans will know some of the names who have been linked with Arsenal this summer, with stars such as Gonzalo Higuaín, Lars Bender, IIkay Gündogan and most notably, Luis Suarez.

I along with any football fan out there would welcome any of those footballers to their clubs as they would all be a great addition to many clubs out there.

Yet Arsenal constantly try to get a bargain no matter what situation or who the player is. For example it has been confirmed that Arsenal did place a £40million bid for Suarez which was declined by Liverpool. This is where we begin a debate between Arsenal fans being is he the right player to sign for the club and, most importantly, looking away from Suarez’s antics on and off the field, the price for the Uruguayan striker.

Some people would immediately leave that transfer and move on to another striker, but I feel the complete opposite and that we should pursue him and capture that one big transfer Arsenal have been waiting a long time for.

This isn’t to say I think he is an ideal role model and he most defiantly needs to change his attitude, yet his footballing ability is something many clubs around are interested in, and something no football fan can turn there back on.

Liverpool want around £50million for Suarez with Arsenal bidding around £10 million less than the asking price. It is quite clear now that the Gunners want the signature of Luis Suarez with reports suggesting that they will offer another bid in the coming days.

However we shall see over the next 37 days if Arsenal do sign those big names or if it will be a summer just like many others.

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