'Worries me': Dion Dublin says 25-year-old Tottenham player never smiles, he looks so unhappy
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'Worries me': Dion Dublin says 25-year-old Tottenham player never smiles, he looks so unhappy

Speaking on Premier League Productions, Dion Dublin has been discussing Richarlison’s attitude at Tottenham and his body language on the pitch in recent times.

Richarlison made no secret of the fact he’s not best pleased with how his season is going last week with his explosive interview, and Dublin says that his unhappiness at Spurs is reflected on the pitch, claming that the Brazilian never smiles.

Dublin says that he’d be pretty fed up of Richarlison if he was his teammate, claiming that he believes his attitude is quite worrying.

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Richarlison’s attitude is worrying

The pundit spoke about the Brazilian.

“I don’t know if he’s enjoying his football. I just can’t tell,” Dublin said.

“Would you though under Conte?” Dublin was asked.

“I would if I was winning. However, I just don’t know as a person if he’s happy. He rolls about a lot, you never see a smile on his face. You don’t see any joy he has the best job in the world and he’s at a massive football club. I never see him smiling. That frustrates me and as a player playing with him I’d be very frustrated with his body language. He does some amazing stuff with the ball, but his attitude worries me,” Dublin said.


Dublin is right, Richarlison hasn’t looked happy at all since joining Tottenham, and the strange thing about this is that the South American can be such a joyous player.

At the World Cup he was in his element. He was dancing after goals, he was showboating and he was genuinely playing as you would expect a Brazilian to.

However, at Spurs he looks absolutely miserable, and perhaps that’s more an indictment on the atmosphere that Antonio Conte is cultivating at the club than it is an issue with Richarlison’s personality.

Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images
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