Why You Should Ditch Loyalty When It Comes To Fantasy Football

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With the Premier League, Champions League and MLS now at a full gallop, there is more than enough statistical information available to successfully implement betting strategies in order to take advantage of free guaranteed sports picks provided by top handicappers from around the world. For fantasy sports managers, the information is also available to help make astute decisions when playing fantasy football for cold hard cash.

Avoiding the Most Popular Pitfall

Under standard salary cap selection rules for weekly fantasy football contests, each player is assigned a value based upon their achievements and statistical information. These values should not be ignored because they represent the reality of what a player’s value is on a given week. As a fantasy football manager, it’s your job to assemble the best team possible while maxing out your salary cap to get maximum value. That seems logical, but far too many managers are loyal to a fault. They tend to pick their favourite players from their favourite teams week in and week out. Loyalty is a great thing when it comes to marriage and country, but it often spells doom for fantasy football managers. In fantasy football leagues, there may be a little more leeway to pick a favourite player or two if they are chosen in the right place in the draft.

Opportunity Cost

As in business, any decision you make in selecting players for your fantasy football team will cost you the draft pick or salary cap room plus the value of who you didn’t pick. That’s the true cost of a player. In a draft, you can’t pass on a high scoring forward or midfielder to pick up a player from your favourite team who is statistically inferior. The opportunity cost is just too high. In a weekly fantasy contest for real cash, you can ill-afford to load up on your favourites while passing on the guys who score goals or effectively defend the goal. Not only will your team be doomed, but so will your wallet. Remember, every goal scored or turned away is a valuable commodity in football no matter who is scoring or goalkeeping.

Making the Best Decisions While Avoiding Your Loyal Inclinations

In a fantasy league that runs a full season, drafting your favourite players is fine as long as you do so in the appropriate place. If a certain player is realistically suited for the third round, don’t panic and select him in the first or second rounds, giving up too much value to your opponents. If you can’t follow that simple guideline, then you owe it to yourself to be realistic about your team’s chances in a league where talented managers make real decisions using real data.

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In weekly money contests, your need for diligence is magnified unless you enjoy throwing your money away. Maybe Wayne Rooney is your favourite player and you might assume that’s always a good choice for your team. However, he might be playing against the best defence in the league on a given week. While his salary cap value might be the same one week to the next based on his reputation, the real value is different because his ability to score against better defences is diminished. Instead of locking into your favourite players when playing for cash, look at offensive and defensive match ups and find the players playing against the worst defences and find value away from your favourites unless they realistically figure to be a great option.


When playing for money, the most successful managers are those who use the facts to drive their decisions. They love to be playing against managers who pick favourite players because the opportunity costs start adding up in favour of the managers who don’t practice loyalty in fantasy football. It’s like gambling on sports. You use the best betting strategies coupled with your free guaranteed sports picks (information) to secure the best chance of winning.

This article was written by sports writer John Hawthorne. As a big fan of fantasy football John is always interested in sharing his knowledge. John not only writes about fantasy football he also is an analyst for an American based sports betting system Simply The Bets US.

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