Why the Manchester derby promises risk free profit for punters

The two Manchester clubs have made a promising start to this season’s Premier League campaign and both clubs go head to head in their next game on 10th September. For some punters this means guaranteed profits from the bookmakers through matched betting. We take a look at just how they are doing it.

Matched betting isn’t a new concept, in fact it’s been recommended by the Telegraph, Guardian and Huffington Post as a way to supplement your monthly income by between £300 and £1,000. What’s more that income is completely tax free. It essentially uses bookmaker bonuses and incentives, combined with some clever maths to guarantee a profit regardless of the result. If you want to find out more about the concept, you can check out this matched betting guide for more information.


Matched betting used to be a rather cumbersome affair, with users needing to source all the offers themselves and then calculate the correct stakes. Users would also need to keep track of their betting balances and overall profit, usually via complicated spreadsheets. The advent of services like Yesbets, have made the process and money making possibilities much easier and thus opened it up to far more people.

With Yesbets, they source the offers; show you what to bet on and how much. The really clever bit comes in the form of their balance and bet tracking platform which means you always know how much profit you have made and where your money is without the need to keep track manually, it saves literally hours of arduous housekeeping.

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Matched betting opportunities are available all the time, with continues offers on horse racing and football matches, but when big games come along such as the Manchester Derby, bookmakers literally try to out compete each other with offers to encourage you to bet with them. We reckon that there will be at least £100 to be made on the Manchester Derby alone and if you don’t have all the bookmaker accounts, considerably more through sign up offers.

If we can’t promise that matched betting will make you a millionaire, but if you fancy an extra few hundred quid in your pocket each month risk free, we recommend giving it a try. Yesbets offer a free trial with 2 offers that can be completed any time, so you can dip your toe in the water and see if it’s for you. What’s not to like? If you’re still need more convincing, you can also read a number of reviews about the service here.

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