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Why Luis Suarez is worth £40m and Gonzalo Higuain is not.

A few weeks ago, a deal for Gonzalo Higuain to join Arsenal seemed completed. And as an Arsenal fan, this excited me greatly. At £22m, it seemed brilliant value for money. Now, it seems that the media got it wrong and he looks to be on his way to Napoli for close to €40m while Arsene Wenger is reportedly preparing a £41m offer for Luis Suarez.

Although I’m a big Higuain fan, there is a key difference between him and Suarez. Higuain is a brilliant centre-forward, but Suarez is not only a world class centre-forward, but a world-class player. He doesn’t need someone to create him chances like Higuain does, he makes his own chances. The guy creates his own luck. He constantly wants the ball, and will constantly attack. Yes, he has personal problems but if Wenger can get that under control, Arsenal are laughing. And potentially celebrating. The only thing stopping him from being recognised as one of the world’s greats is a move to a Champions League club.

Higuain has a lot of strengths, but I’m not sure a move to Serie A is right for him. I think he’d excel in a more open league, whereas in Italy it’s a patience game. He’s a fantastic footballer though, and I’m surprised Manchester City opted for Alvaro Negredo over him, given Higuain’s slightly younger age.

When it comes down to it though, you have to look at value for money. Yes, with Cazorla, Arteta and Podolski behind him, Higuain would no doubt excel and he is a natural finisher. But Suarez doesn’t need those players. He was one of the league’s best players in the Premier League alongside an average Liverpool team, bar one or two. And he is most definitely the major signing Arsenal need.

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