Where did it all go wrong for Arsenal?

Where did it all go wrong for Arsenal?

As Arsenal fans, there is no denying that our club is in disarray and everyone has different views as to where it all went wrong. Some believe it’s when David Dein left; some say it’s when Eduardo broke his leg; some say it’s this summer. However, I believe that it all went wrong at our club on a very?rainy 27th February 2011 at Wembley.

That day was one of the worst days of my 16 year old life. As Szczesny fumbled that ball to the feet of Obafemi Martins I feel that Arsenal football club as we know it changed for the worst.

It sent out a message to Cesc and Nasri that it seemed impossible to end what was already a huge trophy drought, as we then threw away our realistic title and European dreams. This also caused arguably our best team since the Invincibles, which consisted, or Van Persie, Fabregas, Wilshere, Song, Nasri, Walcott and Koscielny, to dismantle and seek pastures new. However, you’d think that if so many world class players have left, we’d be able to use those millions to reinvest and mount a title challenge again. But due to the incompetence, greed and stupidity of the board and (sorry to say this) Arsene Wenger, we haven’t replaced any of these players and have been in free fall ever since but the defeat to Villa was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The £10million bid for the overrated Frenchman that is Cabaye sums up the lack of ambition that the people that run the club has.

How can you replace the greatest striker on the planet with Olivier Giroud? That’s like replacing Samir Nasri with Gervinho, oh wait. Wenger has lost his ability to find the Henry’s, Van Persie’s and Fabregas’s of this world and needs to accept that in the ever changing climate that is football, the only way to progress is to spend money, yet he insists on spending nothing in our time of need. Seemingly every Arsenal fan can see that we needed to get Fellaini, a striker, a keeper and a centre back this summer but the board and Arsene are the only ones to can’t see it.

As fans, the prices for tickets are too much to the extent that a lot of true fans, who have supported the club for decades, can no longer get a season ticket. The highest season ticket prices in the country? What do we get out of that?

A fan said on Arsenal Fan TV something that sums the whole situation up perfectly,

“You get what you pay for in life, unless you’re an Arsenal fan.”

It’s a disgrace how our fans have been treated by the board. We put everything into the club, from paying £70 for a shirt to £1000 for a season ticket and what do we get from it? Nothing! Just watching a worse and worse team every year. I saw a video of two fans who have season tickets but live in Belgium and they come abroad every home game to see us play. And what have they got out of it? Absolutely nothing. We get humiliatingly mocked by the media for not winning any trophies and the worst bit about it all is that its a problem of our own making.

The board are too naive to force Arsene to spend money and without a David Dein character, Arsene seemingly refuses to. Kronke knows nothing about the sport and Gazidis is so out of touch with the fans needs that it’s beyond a joke. He couldn’t do his job more wrong. Why on earth was he out in Asia with the players instead of at home trying to sign desperately needed players?

We’ve been betrayed by the club who we all love and I personally feel let down by Arsene. I’ve stuck by him for years, defending him saying that he knows what he’s doing but his stubbornness to change is ways to suit the needs of modern football has made me lose patience. His inability to see the obvious cracks in our team have caused me to lose faith in him. I think it’s fin

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