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Manchester United

Wayne Rooney, the white Pele?… More like the white elephant.

Over paid, over weight, over rated. That’s where many Manchester United fans stand on Wayne Rooney, a load that United would be best to shed. Wayne Rooney has made noises for the second time about a move away from Old Trafford, and for many it’s a second time to many.

The belief is that United should take the chance to off load a white elephant that could drag the club back to old habits. Seemingly over weight and unfit in the last seven months, Rooney has cut a dejected and frustrated figure. Having played 426 minutes of football out of a possible 630 in the last seven games of the 2012/13 season. Rooney main complaint, sighted by Sir Alex Ferguson, has that been that he been subsisted on or off in six of them. Telling stats of a player that is lacking physical and mental sharpness.

This lack of professionalism at the worlds most professional club goes against everything Sir Alex Ferguson wants to leave as his legacy. His mantra from the start was one of killing old boozing and eating habits that saw the club go two decades without a trophy. Sir Alex processed to cut the club in the mould of himself, a determined, slick, winning machine. Rooney now has moved so far out of this remit his position at the club is now untenable.

Looking forward Untied should be relieved from a finical perspective, the last six games Rooney has played he contributed not one goal, which has reportedly cost the club £1 Million is wages. As the highest paid player funds will be made available if he is moved out of the dressing room and off the balance sheet.

Mental strength

We have seen Wayne Rooney and off the field issues come in the way of his performances before. Rewind to the 2010 World Cup, with Colleen set to leave him he was a shadow the player he had cut that season. The last time contract talks with United he fell apart on the pitch before sealing a highly lucrative deal that seemed to break United’s wage policy. Now the third time it seems Rooney has been affected by Robin Van Persie’s arrival and only having 24 months left on his contract. Manchester United would wish for more resilience in the face of adversity from a player his Rooney’s calibre.

United’s Future

The direction the Manchester United squad is evolving into, either by design or circumstance, leaves Rooney in limbo. Zaha, Welbeck, Kagawa and Van Persie are all alarmingly lean, agile and wonderfully balanced players. In comparison the United number ten looks frankly out of date. Remarkable when Rooney and Ronaldo axis seemed to be the most modern of partnerships in world football only five years ago.

Rooney’s Future

It would be hard for Moyes now to sell after firmly stating the club won’t listen to offers, it would be a potentially damaging U-turn for a man still only a month into his new job. However in what is a ponderous transfer window if things start to gather momentum Moyes’s hand may be forced, likely for the better of club and Rooney.

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