‘Very exciting’: Journalist says Liverpool could make ‘gamechanger’ of a signing on a free, he's 'world class'
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‘Very exciting’: Journalist says Liverpool could make ‘gamechanger’ of a signing on a free, he's 'world class'

Speaking on The RedMen TV, Neil Jones has been discussing Gavi’s future amid some links to Liverpool.

The Times reported earlier his week that the Reds were monitoring the midfielder’s situation at Barcelona as a strange contract situation continues to unfold, and now, Jones has shared what he knows about the whole debacle.

The journalist says that as things stand, Barcelona are actually set to lose the teenage sensation on a free transfer due to the fact they can’t register any new signings and Gavi would, for some reason, count as a new signing once he is promoted to a senior contract from a youth deal.

That may well give Liverpool the chance to swoop and make what Jones describes as a ‘gamechanger’ of a signing.

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Gavi on a free

Jones shared what he knows about this situation.

“So, what it is is that he’s a homegrown player on a youth contract but they have to put him on a first-team contract. Weirdly, when you register a player like this from your academy it counts as a new signing and Barcelona are in this position with the financial rules and selling off assets. It was initially ratified, but the league have appealed against that and have won the case.

“At the moment, Barca stand to lose Gavi on a free. His youth contract expires in the summer, they can’t give him another youth contract because he’s 18 and they can’t give him a first-team contract either.

“It’s a very exciting story for Liverpool. I know Manchester City have also been linked and that terrifies me, but a very exciting thing. Liverpool were linked last summer and you thought ‘I don’t think there’s any chance.’ But you look now, it’s March and you can get a potentially world-class player for very little and what an opportunity that’s going to be.

“We know that with Barcelona and Real Madrid, clubs like that, there’s a lot of red tape and tricks that get pulled off where they get out of this situation, but we saw it with Messi where they didn’t.

“I would be delighted if Liverpool were able to cash in and take advantage of this situation, it would be a real gamechanger for the club.”

Signing of the century

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this could be one of the very best signings Liverpool ever make.

A world class player in a problem position that is just 18 years old on a free transfer. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Gavi could genuinely be a key player for Liverpool for 15 years, and if the Reds can pull this one off, it would be such a coup.

Of course, doing these types of deals is much easier said than done and as Jones says, Barcelona always seem to get out of this kind of trouble.

However, as the Messi saga showed, sometimes the rules are the rules, and there is a chance that Gavi will be leaving this summer.

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