United prepare to increase bid for Barca's Cesc Fabregas

Recently, Manchester United have improved their bid of what was believed to be £25 million to an enormous bid of £30 million. Many would think that this is a no brainer for Barcelona to sell a ‘squad player’ for that fee. However, Fabregas may be higher in the pecking order for Barcelona in this upcoming season..

With the deeply saddening departure of coach Tito Villanova due to a relapse of his illness, Cesc may still have a big part to play for the incoming manager.

The new man is still to be announced and there have been many names mentioned as a successor to Tito.

Also, now that Thiago Alcantara has left to Bayern, it leaves Barcelona with only Fabregas and Alex Song as the midfielders capable of playing if there was an injury or a problem with fitness.

For a team of Barcelona’s standards, that is not great and if Cesc were to leave, they would be in further trouble.

There is also the problem of Xavi’s fitness. He is fast approaching 35 and this would surely mean that he would not be able to play such an integral part to the team that we have seen in the past. This leaves Fabregas to play in that role and if anything then happened to Cesc, they are would have no alternatives.

Fabregas is undoubtedly an outstanding player capable of playing every week for any team in the world. He would be a vital part of Manchester United for many years to come if he were to make the switch from sunny Spain to England.

Manchester United have been missing quality in midfield for quite a few years now and Fabregas would be the perfect man to fill that gap.

They have also been linked with quite a few more options but by the looks of it, Fabregas is first on the wanted list.

Manchester United have had the problem of attracting top midfielders in recent years with the transfer saga’s of Lucas Moura, Wesley Sneijder and Thiago Alcantara. After the retirement of Paul Scholes for the final time, Manchester United need to replace him with another great midfielder. This is not easy and there are only a few out there with the passing ability of Paul Scholes.

There is also the whole issue with Arsenal as-well.

When Arsenal sold Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, there was apparently a clause in his contract which stated that if Barcelona where to accept a bid for the midfielder in the future, Arsenal would have to be notified and they would then have the option of signing the midfielder themselves.

This may look like Manchester United are pushing Fabregas into the arms of Arsenal because surely the Gunners would not turn down the chance to sign a player of Fabregas quality when he is there for the taking.

However, there have been no comments from anyone at Arsenal about the possible transfer of their former player.

Also, with Liverpool apparently wanting £40 million for striker Luis Suarez, this means that if Arsenal were to sign him, it would not leave much room for other major signings.

Personally, I think that a move to Manchester United would be the best move for the midfielder as he has the chance to be the key man in midfield and also continue to win trophies.

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