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Timothy Weah should expect the same treatment Neymar got from Anthony Ralston in Scotland


Timothy Weah should expect the same treatment Neymar got from Anthony Ralston in Scotland

Timothy Weah has joined Celtic on loan until the end of the season.

Brazilian superstar Neymar has given Celtic a glowing review this week. The Brazilian believes that his PSG team-mate Timothy Weah has chosen the right club to join on loan in order to develop his talent.

The comments from the £200 million sensation certainly left some Celtic fans in shock. Neymar has faced off against Celtic with both Barcelona and PSG in his Champions League career.

GENK, BELGIUM – NOVEMBER 20:  (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

In a recent fixture between Celtic and PSG he became very unpopular with the Celtic fans for his theatrics on the pitch and refusal to shake hands with youngster Anthony Ralston after the game.

Ralston had certainly given Neymar some rough treatment throughout the game and the Brazilian was clearly not enamoured with the teenager’s display.

“He did have options – but he chose the right one.

“Celtic are a big club, in their league they attack a lot and score a lot of goals, and also they are still in Europe – so they offer him much.”


– Neymar comments on Weah’s loan move to Celtic

But Weah will be wise to take notice.

The big difference he might find from playing in France among the PSG team is how he is treated.

Opposing players are going to try and leave a mark on the USA international, considering his PSG background and personal heritage, courtesy of his famous dad George.

Referees are also likely to be less forgiving then they are in Ligue 1.

Celtic fans will hope Weah can adapt and thrive in Scottish football as quickly as possible. For the player, it can only be beneficial toward making him an even better talent. Learning to take the rough with the smooth can make him the star Celtic and PSG hope he will be.

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