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Who are the all-time top five Chelsea players?

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The fact that Chelsea is a world-class team will never be contested, not even by the hard-core opposition; they’ve earned their place in the Premier League many times over, and they will be there for a long time to come. But what makes the team so great?

The players and the management, of course. Who are the best players amongst all the Chelsea players? Here’s the top five list.

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois isn’t just a great goalkeeper; he actually has the potential to become one of the best goalies at Chelsea of all time. We all remember the great work and wonderful saves of Peter Bonetti; and until his head injury in 2007, Cech was certainly someone who deserved great recognition as well – but Thibaut Courtois may very well prove to be the finest of them all.

Peter Sillett

Sir Stanley Matthews once described Peter Sillett as the best full-back in the world, and we can all understand why; he was a tough one. He ran hard, wasn’t afraid of the tackle, and his shots flew hard and fast, much like some online casino games and Planet 7 casino bonus codes – if you’re too slow, you’ll miss them! During his nine years at the club, he topped attacking free-kicks and penalties. He’ll probably be remembered best for his killer penalty which helped Chelsea beat Wolves, in 1955.

Marcel Desailly

Marcel Desailly performed wonderfully whilst playing for AC Milan as a midfielder, and decided to join Chelsea in 1998. He was a great defender, strong and quick, understanding the game and able to anticipate. He was ruthless when the opposing forward wasn’t looking, and used his elegance to great advantage.

John Terry

John Terry doesn’t enjoy the best reputation because of some transgressions; some still can’t forget his abuses and his placing himself at the centre of attention with the trophy in 2012 (which earned him a suspension). However, nobody can take away the fact that he was a great player for 14 years, reliable, dominant, well-positioned and able to provide perfect passes.

Frank Lampard

Very few players could rival the midfielder who had some goals under his belt – perhaps only Robson can come close. Applying great timing and with a knack for perfect positioning, he took the opposing team by surprise many times. It wasn’t just the speed and force with which he sent the ball home; it was also his precision.

Of course, these were not the only stars that made the team so great. We should never forget Charlie Cooke (famous for his swerves and body-feints). Then there was Peter Osgood (with his great insights into weaknesses in the defence), and Jimmy Greaves (the sheer number of goals he scored is stunning).

There are simply too many great players to mention, and they all played wonderful roles.