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'Winding me up': TalkSPORT pundit fuming at De Bruyne's half-time antics v Manchester United
Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

'Winding me up': TalkSPORT pundit fuming at De Bruyne's half-time antics v Manchester United

Manchester City hammered Manchester United this weekend but TalkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara is far from impressed with the derby aspect of the game.

City were 4-0 up at half-time and continued to motor on in the second half before United rallied to put some sort of respect within the score line. Naturally, all eyes were on goal scoring sensation Erling Haaland, who once again helped himself to a hat-trick. Phil Foden also scored three, while City might have had even more as well.

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However, while it was goals galore and an entertaining game, O’Hara went on a rant this morning about the spirit of the game, insisting that derby games are now simply too nice compared to when he played.

“I’m watching these local derbies now and there’s just no bite, no fight, not the same horribleness. I was horrible when I played. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, if someone is getting the better of me, I’m getting sent off,” O’Hara said.

“I see De Gea and De Bruyne having a chat and I’m watching Spurs players help Arsenal players off the ground. I think ‘you’re 4-0 down’. I’m thinking where is someone who’s going to go and smash someone. You aren’t beating me 4-0 at half-time. It’s winding me up, it’s too nice,” O’Hara said.

TBR’s View: Football Has Moved On From O’Hara Days

O’Hara has a point in that things do seem to have calmed down a bit in certain games but that’s just the way things have gone in modern football.

The amount of international players and the rise of social media means footballers are now more friendly with each other than ever. Ultimately, that transcends onto the pitch.

However, for fans, a proper derby is historically about big tackles and graft so it’s no surprise to see O’Hara having a rant here.

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