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Tactical Analysis: What will Mesut Ozil bring to the Premier League?

Tactical Analysis: What will Mesut Ozil bring to the Premier League?

Mesut Ozil’s arrival in the Premier League was unexpected after the German international himself told the press that he would be staying in the Spanish capital. However, on the last Saturday of the transfer window, small rumours started circulating about Ozil joining England’s top league. Many were shocked but all were excited about a top player – who in my opinion, is the third best player in the world – coming to the Premier League. So here, us two will analyse Mesut Ozil.

Mesut Ozil is a creative player and once he starts his first game for Arsenal in the Premier League, we will have to stop and stare. We have not had a player of his quality in England since Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid. Meeting with Ozil there and having a fine partnership. What Ozil does is bring players in towards him, pulling them in like a magnet and controlling them like puppets, Every so often feinting to go right or left, effectively pulling their strings. Below is an example of this.

Here, you can see a player circled in a thin green line; that is Mesut Ozil. Surrounding him are four defenders – that shows his quality in an easy way – but what he has done prior to this, is taken the ball and as he has dribbled down the pitch, dragged them in from his teammates who they should be marking. Ozil has a fine footballing brain and has used it as effectively as possible in his three years at Real Madrid. Coming from the ball at Ozil’s feet is two blue lines, one straight on and another to his right. These two blue lines show you where he can now pass the ball, cutting right through the four defenders and giving his side a clear advantage as the winger or striker he passes too has acres of space. This is a clear example of what Ozil does best, he drags in the players, looks for the team-mate, and either drills it along the ground, or lofts it over the oncoming defenders head. It’s an agony for any defender, due to the fact that despite the best efforts of even some of the best defensive players in the world, the 24-year-old manages to get right past them and plays the ball into a clear bit of space.

Here is an example of one of Ozil’s kep passes. Last season at Real Madrid, he made a total of 92 key passes. The most at the  club. Cristiano Ronaldo made the second most, with 62 key passes. That’s 4.07 key passes per 90 minutes for Ozil and 2.05 for Ronaldo. An outstanding stat.

I have circled Ozil in green here,. There are four players circled in red, They are the defenders that could see Ozil’s pass. However, Ozil directs the pass so it cuts right through the defence. In this situation, the pass is to Ronaldo, and in this case, Ronaldo slots it home.

Here is another example of a beautiful pass. This one has been thought through particularly well. Ozil has plenty of options here,  With three players all in enough space to receive the ball. here Ozil chooses to play a chipped through ball over the heads of the defenders and into the path of his team-mate. Again, this lead to a goal.


Another example of a through ball from Ozil is above. He is the player circled in green, and the three players in boxes around him are the defenders. These defenders are all closing him down at the current moment, Here Ozil has dribbled from the half way line to the edge of the box and has kept space around him, with the ball close to his feet. This leads to the fact that he can now play an easy pass right through the defence, for Ronaldo to score once again.

This is not another example of a brilliant pass. This is an example of Ozil’s pure quality. He is the circled player and has received a lobbed through ball, and with one touch he plays a through ball right into Ronaldo’s path (these two had a great partnership).

Okay, this is another great pass. And another through ball. Ozil I the circled player and the blue arrow is a lofted through ball. The reason I’ve done so many of these is too show that they are not rare. Ozil makes a brilliant pass at least twice every 90 minutes – as I said earlier making an average of 4.07 key passes per 90 minutes. Along with this, Mesut Ozil had the highest through ball accuracy in La Liga last year with 40% of them being successful; that’s 17 successful through-balls.
This one is one of the best out of the few I’ve done, due to the fact that it drops right onto the foot of Angel Di Maria, a pin-point pass – one that Paul Scholes or Zinedine Zidane would be proud of.

Mesut Ozil is a fantastic player as we have shown in the previous 6 photos. He will bring creativity to the league, and a footballing brain in an attacking midfielder that we haven’t seen a while. He will do fantastically at Arsenal and is sure to make a massive difference this season as well as attracting big names like himself to the club in future transfer windows. He had a brilliant partnership with Ronaldo and I’m sure he will form a great duo with either Walcott or Giroud. He will set the league alight with his pure quality and boy oh boy are Arsenal fans in for a treat.

Written by:
Harry Robinson – @HRFootball
And @TheTacticsMan

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