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Review: Mens Concave Aura + FG – White/Blue


Review: Mens Concave Aura + FG – White/Blue

With the end of the season came the opportunity to review Concave UK‘s stylish offering, the Aura +. Designed by a Manchester based company, who have developed patented ‘Power-strike’ technology, this was a very favourable time to trial, and review for our readers, some of the next generation boots on the market.

Aesthetically, the Aura + is very pleasing on the eye. The decals are minimalist and compliment the overall feel of the slick synthetic upper. Meanwhile, the blue sole-plate, with ‘Aura +’ inscribed on the heel, alongside a mix of teardrop studs, looks gorgeous. This is undoubtedly a boot for the traditionalist.

As is not always the case when straying away from your typical football boot providers, the likes of adidas or Nike, for example, these Aura + was very, very well received by all teammates. Based on looks alone, they would come highly recommended – on screen imagery doesn’t really do them justice.

At first, these boots feel tight to wear. Opting for a UK Size 8.5, like the majority of leather boots on the market, it took a few sessions with the ball to finally loosen them to allow for real comfort. Leather boots are often the most wearable, as over time, they mould to the shape of your feet, and this was certainly the case with the Aura +.

At this stage, after several training sessions and a two ninety minute matches, they are feeling just as nicely fitting as adidas’ Copa Mundial or World Cup offering – this author’s favourite boots when it comes to wear-ability. This period of time has also seen them pass the durability test. They remain in very good nick, despite a number of hefty tackles.

The lightweight outsole helps reduce weight and the Premium calf leather upper really is great for offering a natural ball feel. For a player who likes to dictate possession and the pace of the game, a central midfielder for example, the Aura + provides a perfect combination of comfort and control.


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The primary USP of the Concave range is the Power-strike technology, which they claim make them the ‘most powerful boots on the planet’. With this technology sitting on the upper part of the laces, you are provided with a larger ‘sweetspot’ when making contact with the ball – a feature that will undoubtedly improve your level of performance.

Although claims like this are often shrouded with hyperbole, this is a feature that can genuinely be experienced with the Aura +. Enabling you to strike the ball with more power when taking shots at goal with your laces or playing a through pass over the top of the opposition defence, you quickly notice that the ball is moving both further and faster.

The only real set-back is the material of the inner. Considering this is constructed from a textile lining, and not made using synthetic leather, like its upper, when playing in muddy conditions this part of the boot could very quickly become discoloured. This is a problem you would undoubtedly encounter with the white Aura offering, but perhaps not so much with the equally stunning black version of the boot (as pictured above).

The Aura + is fantastic choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to its competitors. A combination of style and comfort make them a sensible choice, while the Powerstrike technology and the leather upper will assist in improving your overall game. With a choice of a black/white or white/blue boot, you could ultimately be left struggling to decide which pair to buy.

To see more of what Concave UK have to offer, you can visit their website. If you love the Aura + as much as we do, you can order them for just £99.99, here.

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