Red Card of the Week: Farnborough and the name changes

Starting this week we will have a weekly article called Red Card of the Week (RCOTW) that goes hand in hand with our News and Rumor Report video segment of the same name. This week our Red Card of the Week goes to…Farnborough FC.

If you hadn’t heard, after a sponsorship deal was struck with Paddy Power, the players and coaching staff of Farnborough changed their names to those of legendary figures in football that correlate to their respective positions. Soon fans of Farnborough can go and watch players such as Beckham, Maradona, and Pele take the field.

Now, I’m almost positive this is a marketing move and was done to bring attention to the team and possibly bring in some people to the games that wouldn’t normally go. What makes this the RCOTW is that it is so ridiculous to pay for LEGAL name changes for these players and coaches.

In the official press release the club says that it will be the single greatest collection of football talent the world has ever seen. That would be true if the players were actually on the talent level of the players whose names they are taking on. No one in their right mind will believe that they are really going to see all these great players playing for a non-league team.

So this weeks RCOTW goes to you, Fanborough. You got publicity if that is what you were aiming for, but you will most likely look ridiculous in the future when looking back on this decision.

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