The PSG Blueprint to Champions League Glory

Football. It’s a funny old game. Take Wednesday the 2nd of April for example, Paris Saint Germain had just beaten Chelsea 3-1 at home and everywhere you looked it was just talk of who they would meet in the semi finals. Fast forward one week and with Chelsea winning 2-0 at home they were out. PSG’s champions league dream had eluded them for one more year.

This article I’m writing here isn’t to slag off PSG for being knocked out nor is it any comment on their league status or form, this is simply an analysis in which PSG could simply improve their champions league credentials if they plan to, one day, lift the big eared trophy.

The first way the should look to improve is defensively. In 10 UCL games this season they conceded 9 goals, while that is not a bad stat is certainley is not the best. I’m not saying they should go out and spend another £40m on a defender because that will only mask the problem, while the PSG defenders are are actually very good individually, they need to learn to work as a team. The teamwork in defence will come as they play more and more together, so while not a major problem, it is still very much a problem. If they have more game time together they will eventually stop conceding as much and as we all know so long as your not conceding you can’t be beat.

The second problem I see is with PSG’s finishing. Now hear me out, I know most people reading this will probably be laughing at the moment and why shouldn’t they? In the same 10 UCL games they only failed to score in one game, scoring 25 goals. However think of that game where they failed to score (The 2-0 defeat to Chelsea). When they needed a goal the most they couldn’t produce the goods, baring in mind Edinson Cavani’s two golden chances he failed to put away. Maybe the problem isn’t with finishing but with being ruthless, Which now leads me into the third area on which they should improve, strength in depth.

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic out injured the duty fell to Cavani and to be blunt he failed to deliver. After the Chelsea game, both the goalkeeper (Salvatore Sirgiu) and captain (Thiago Silva) both went on record as saying they missed Zlatan too much. Now it is one of my footballing beliefs that squads win trophies not teams, so if Cavani had been injured too, who would PSG get too lead the line that has the same presence and goal scoring ability as Zlatan and Edinson? It is more than likely that they will go and spend money in the summer so instead of buying one player for a lot of money, why not buy a set of squad player, who could do the job when called apon.

My final conundrum is with the manager. Most of us know that when Carlo Ancelotti departed Paris, the first name on the list to replace him wasn’t Laurent Blanc, however Blanc has done a better job there than what Carlo did. His PSG team keep the ball much better and have a lot better chemistry. The problem here isn’t Blanc but rather his contract, his current deal expires next year. I think the owners should stick with him and allow him to build a great squad for years to come.

If PSG do these things and allow Laurent Blanc to assemble a squad for the future, I personally believe it will only be a matter of time before they get their hands on the trophy they crave so much.


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