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PIF looking to add Inter Milan to their portfolio after Newcastle purchase

PIF are set to buy Inter Milan after Newcastle United purchase.

Newcastle fans had their world’s turned upside down when the Saudi Arabian PIF purchased their club.

However, the Magpies aren’t the only club that they’ve looked at.

Reports from CalcioMercato claim that Inter Milan could be subject of a £1bn purchase by PIF.

Newcastle United ‘only’ cost PIF £300m, so this would be a significantly larger deal.

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This could prove to be even more exciting for Newcastle, though.

In a similar way, Manchester City have their ‘City group’ comprised of over ten clubs around the world.

This could be PIF’s start to building a similar network, starting with two giants of the game in Newcastle and Inter.

PIF are set to buy Inter Milan after Newcastle United purchase

It could also prove exciting as Newcastle could be a destination for some of Inter’s current players.

It’s too early to name names of those who could swap the San Siro for St. James’ Park.

However, the fans can be rightfully excited as this project is becoming bigger than just a one club show.

Time will tell what the next moves are for PIF.

As far as the Newcastle supporters are concerned, as long as money is being put in then they’ll be happy.

Signings, a new manager and upgrades to the training ground and stadium are all necessary.

January will certainly prove to be an exciting time for fans of the Northeast club.

Whether or not this becomes a multi-club empire or just a Newcastle United led snowball is yet to be seen.

As long as money is being pumped in and Mike Ashley a distant memory, though, you won’t find many disappointed Geordies.

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