‘Not convinced’: Liverpool and Spurs don’t quite believe what 27-year-old’s agent is telling them - Journalist
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‘Not convinced’: Liverpool and Spurs don’t quite believe what 27-year-old’s agent is telling them - Journalist

Speaking on the Talking Transfers Podcast, Graeme Bailey has been discussing Adrien Rabiot’s future and a potential move to England for the Frenchman.

Bailey notes that Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United have all enquired about Rabiot, but, interestingly, none of the Premier League clubs are convinced that Rabiot actually wants to come to England.

Indeed, according to Bailey, despite the fact that Rabiot’s agents have been saying that the player would love to come to England, Liverpool, Spurs and United aren’t convinced that this is actually the case.

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Does Rabiot want England move?

Bailey shared what he knows about Rabiot.

“Rabiot is a big free agent in the summer. He’s not definitely leaving Juventus, he’s putting himself around. We’ve seen Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham enquire about him in the last 12 months. United had major talks with him in the summer,” Bailey said.

“The Premier League clubs, they’re not completely, from what I hear, they’re not convinced he wants to play in England. His people are saying that he does, but there’s hesitancy from these English clubs thinking ‘do you really want to come over here?’ His people are saying he does, he’s one of the big Bosman frees this summer so it’s one to keep an eye on.”

Best leverage

These clubs are right to question Rabiot’s intentions. After all, the best way to earn a bumper contract at a club like Juventus is to leverage it against a potential move to England.

These days, no other league is paying wages in the same way the Premier League are, and if Rabiot wants to incite something of a bidding war for his services this summer, then his best bet may be to play a bit of a Premier League bluff, even if he does have no intention of coming to England.

Whether or not Rabiot actually does want this move remains to be seen, but, for now, the interested parties seem to think he’s bluffing.

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