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What next for Frank de Boer and Crystal Palace?

What next for Frank de Boer and Crystal Palace?

Frank de Boer has had a poor start to life in the Premier League as he has lost all three of his matches as Crystal Palace manager. The Mirror report that the Dutchman fears that he is hanging by a thread, as further talks with the board are set for this week. There has been a growing feeling over the international break that he is a dead man walking, but he has overcome the initial storm.

It is disastrous to lose the first three matches of a season, especially if you are new to the club and the league. De Boer arrived with a damaged reputation after an awful period in charge of Inter Milan. It was a difficult job for the Dutchman, but the warning signs were there and he is making the same mistakes at Palace. The international break always makes situations like these feel worse as they are left to stew and there isn’t an opportunity to improve on results.

Should Crystal Palace sack De Boer?

The instant gratification that has engulfed football during recent years means that the time given to managers is significantly shorter than it once was. Even so, it is ridiculous that the Dutchman’s future is being discussed. They were keen to bring him to the club and oversee a change in the style of football. It was never going to be a quick fix and De Boer deserves a couple of months at least.

If the club are seriously considering dismissing De Boer, then the problem doesn’t lie with the manager, but the board. By sacking him this soon, they would be admitting that they made a mistake and it would be difficult to have confidence in them making a better appointment to replace him.

There are clearly problems at the club as both Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis have opted to walk out of Selhurst Park. It is rare for a Premier League manager to resign from their post and the fact that two have chosen that option at Crystal Palace does indicate deep-rooted issues. De Boer going might be seen as a quick fix, but it would be the latest in a series of concerning events.

What next?

It would be a surprise if he was given the boot before the weekend. The club have had two weeks to make a decision on the Dutchman’s future. If he was going to be fired before the Burnley game, he would have received his marching orders by now. However, things are tense at Selhurst Park and De Boer won’t be able to ride out another loss.

There have to be signs of recovery. Although the Palace manager has remained married to his style throughout his career, he could be forced to play a more direct style at Turf Moor. He needs to get a win and this set of players are not suited to his brand of football. It always looked to be an odd decision to move from Sam Allardyce to Frank de Boer.

A win this weekend will improve the mood. However, a loss would surely be the end for the Palace manager.

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