Newcastle face tough test with first appointment of new regime
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Newcastle face tough test with first appointment of new regime

Newcastle will find their first managerial appointment difficult.

The Magpies’ new overlords have taken their first action in removing Steve Bruce from the helm.

However, now they face a much bigger decision as they need to appoint a new head coach.

Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy a decision as it was for Manchester City back in 2008 after their takeover.

For Manchester City back after their own controversial takeover, things were more clear.

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Not only were the Manchester Club in a better place with their squad, but the previous regime had recently appointed Mark Hughes.

As a result of that, they could stick with the Welshman whilst they settled in.

Then, when Hughes was eventually sacked they’d had plenty of time to sound out a replacement.

Roberto Mancini was brought in in 2009 at the relatively young age for a manager of 45-years-old.

Unfortunately, Newcastle aren’t in a position to follow the Manchester City mould with their managerial decision.

Newcastle will find first manager appointment difficult

Newcastle will find first manager appointment difficult

Steve Bruce had to go owing to the negative feeling from the fans.

That has meant that now they’re being forced into a decision and it’s one they must get right.

Graeme Jones will take temporary charge but the sooner a permanent head coach is in the better.

Plenty of names have been thrown into the hat for the role.

But this is a decision that they must get right.

Owing to the strength of their squad, they’ll be targeting a completely different profile to what City were 12 years ago.

That puts the Magpies in a whole new position and it’s imperative they get this call right.

The wrong manager could see them relegated from here.

That would be the worst possible start, even with the fans’ goodwill towards Amanda Staveley and the new regime.

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