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Müller Klose to World Cup Goal Record

During this World Cup, Miroslav Klose, one of the most underrated football players of all time, broke Ronaldo’s World Cup goal-scoring record, scoring his 16th World Cup finals goal in the process. In the same tournament, Thomas Müller scored his 10th World Cup finals goal. Germany went on to win the whole tournament, and now look as though they have the potential to dominate football for years to come.

It has prompted debate amongst some as to whether or not Klose’s record can be beaten, and if Müller is the man to do it. Müller has shown during the World Cup that he is a truly gifted football player. He is extremely versatile and can play out wide in an attacking front three, as a lone striker, or as a deep lying forward all to equally devastating effect. He had an incredibly good World Cup, and I for one believe that he would have been a more worthy recipient of the Golden Ball than Lionel Messi. That, however, is another argument for another time.

Müller is only 24 years old, and has scored 22 goals in 56 international appearances. He has an almost balletic quality to his game and seems to glide around the field. Indeed, his game is not based on all out pace and power, which should ensure that his knees and muscles don’t give out too prematurely. With that in mind, it is highly possible that he will have, barring any injuries or loss of form, at least another two World Cups in him. If he were to continue with his current rate of 5 goals at every World Cup he plays in, then he will have 20 World Cup goals by the time he is 32 years old.

Clearly football isn’t as simple as that to predict, and many things could happen between now and the next two World Cups. That being said, Thomas Müller is currently in pole position with regards to players who stand a chance of usurping Miroslav Klose as the World Cup’s all-time leading goal getter.

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