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Matched Betting: Arsenal and Southampton victories provide further boost to the coffers

Matched Betting: Arsenal and Southampton victories provide further boost to the coffers

Welcome to the first of our Matched Betting diary entries, partnered with Here you can track our attempts to make at least £500 every month by extracting the bonuses and incentives made available by all our favourite bookmakers. If you would like to join us in our attempts, you can do just that by signing up free here.

Tuesday Night EFL Cup

Tuesday night’s EFL Cup action between Chelsea and Leicester – a game that would be end a draw after ninety minutes, but Antonio Conte’s side would go on to win in extra time. Like always, the evening’s action provided the opportunity boost our profit for the month. Here is how the evening panned out:

Sky Bet – Using the free £5 bet earned from the weekend, we placed a matched bet on a stalemate between the Premier League champions and Chelsea, locking in a guaranteed profit of £3.56.

BetBright – Taking advantage of BetBright’s stake refund offer – if the match ended as a draw – we placed a £10 matched bet, for a qualifying loss of £1.82. The 2-2 scoreline after ninety minutes meant our bet lost, thus unlocking the £10 free bet to be used the following evening.

Total Tuesday profit: £1.74 + £10 free bets


Wednesday night’s action between Manchester City and Swansea brought further gains. While the profit here wasn’t huge, every little counts when it comes to matched betting. Using the £10 free bet with BetBright – won the evening previously – we locked in an addition £8.18 profit.

Total Wednesday profit: £8.18

Saturday Premier League

The return of the English Football League proved a welcome one, following an end to the week with almost no opportunity to increase our profit. Saturday’s early kick-off between Manchester United and Leicester proved a welcome source of reload offers, while the 5.30pm kick off provided free bets, aplenty.

BetVictor – With BetVictor offering to match our stake up to £5 with a free bet ahead of the weekend action, who are we to say no? We took them up on this offer, while receiving a further £5 free for answering a survey. We then staked this £10-worth of free bets for a guaranteed profit of £8.97.

BetStars – BetStars’ Spin and Bet offer is our new favourite thing in the world. Essentially, you place a bet, 10% of your stake goes towards a spin to potentially multiply your odds. Following this, you earn a £5 free bet for every goal the team you back scores. With Arsenal versus Chelsea the next big game, we backed Arsenal (earning a 1.5x multiplier in the process).

Now, this is where it gets interesting. We staked £20 for a QL loss of £1.07, while also losing an initial £2 for our spin. Total loss £3.07. However, our bet would go on to win, with the 1.5x odds multiplier, with Arsenal scoring three goals in a 3-0 victory. This meant an additional £12.28 profit for the Gunners’ victory, as well as £15 in free bets, which we settled for a further £10.41 profit

RedNet – In the same vein as BetStars £5 free bet for every goal, we took advantage of the same offer on RedNet. Backing Arsenal for a QL of £1.63, we would go on to receive £15 worth of free bets come full-time. This are yet to be used, so will be carried over to the next article in the series.

888 – Earlier in the week we opted-in for 888’s Goals Mean More promotion – choose a Championship team, stake £20 in each of their matches and receive £5 for every goal scored. We chose Brentford and staked £20 for a qualifying loss of £1.41.

The Bees would go on to lose 3-1 to Wolves, giving us a free £5 bet, which we settled for an extra £3.98 – a very small profit made there, but watch out for us taking advantage of this offer throughout the season. Last week they scored five times, so on a good day, our profit could be a lot greater.

Paddy Power – The formidable free £25, if the team you back is behind at half-time, continues to evade us. Backing United due to the relatively low qualifying loss of £1.76, the Red Devils would go on to trounce Leicester in the first half, meaning we had no chance of receiving the free bet from Paddy Power.

Total Saturday profit: £27.77 + £15 in free bets

Super Sunday

Sunday really did turn out to be super, as far as our profit goes, all thanks to a very generous offer from Sky Bet:

Sky Bet –  With Sky offering a risk free £75 in-play bet ahead of Southampton’s tie with West Ham, this is an offer we couldn’t refuse. Using the usual matched bet methodology, we laid a qualifying bet for a loss of -£3.89, before being awarded a risk-free £75 bet mid-way through the match, which we turned into a guaranteed 53.82 win. Overall, a gain of £49.93. This also unlocked our £5 bet club for the week, which matched for £3.52 profit.

Paddy Power – Our only other bet of the day saw us attempt Paddy Power’s half-time losing offer, where if the team you back is losing after 45 minutes, you receive a free £25 bet. We backed Southampton in this one, due to there being the option to make profit when placing the qualifying bet. Despite failing to win the free bet, we increased our kitty by a further £0.07.

Total Sunday profit: £53.52

Total article profit: £91.21

Total monthly profit: £383.88 + £15 in free bets

How does matched betting work?

To a beginner, matched betting can seem extremely complicated, but in truth, it couldn’t be easier. If you are new to the concept, you can read our Easy Introduction to Matched Betting.

If you are interested in earning an extra £500 per month and have fun doing it, and want to give matched betting a try. Once you understand the basics, we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with the results.


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They offer a subscription to their service which is £14.99 per month, but you can trial 2 offers for free, to see if you like it. In our opinion you will make far more that the cost of the subscription so it offers really good value. Reviews so far have been positive from their members and you can check them out here. They also offer video step by step tutorials to get you up and running in no time.

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