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Liverpool involved in match fixing scandal

Liverpool involved in match fixing scandal

A Liverpool victory may be tainted due to allegations that their opponent that night, Hungarian side Debrecen, took bribes to fix the match. The supposed incident took place during a Champions League match in 2009 in which the Reds achieved a 1-0 victory at Anfield. However, presently there is no evidence to prove Liverpool were involved with the scandal.

The Debrecen goalkeeper for that game, Vukasin Poleksic, was banned by UEFA for 2 years in 2010 for failure to report match-fixing activities on a separate ocassion.

Poleksic played a great game, and anyone who watches highlights from the match in question can see that he does not look to be throwing the game, particularly at the time of Kuyt’s goal that gave Liverpool the win. This was a Champions League game after all, most players wouldn’t jeopardize their clubs chances of moving on in the tournament for the sake of a bribe.

Europol, the European law enforcement agency, has not directly stated which game in England is being investigated and the only thing they have told the public is that a Champions League game that took place “in the last three to four years” and is one of the 380 games being investigated.

Speculation that a Liverpool fixture was involved comes from Danish newspaper, Ekstra Bladet. The match was supposed to end in a 3-0 victory for the Reds, but the final score was in fact 1-0. This gives some merit to those saying there was no fix during this match, because the score did not end up the way it had been planned to.

The Debrecen match also lacked importance, considering it was only a group tie. Therefore the consequences of throwing this match would be far less detrimental than that of a knockout round fixture. This does make me wonder how accurate the allegations really are.

Does this put a dark mark on the victory for Liverpool? I don’t think so. Until information surfaces that Liverpool were directly involved in fixing the match, then the club is not in the wrong at all. Officials at Anfield have not even been contacted by Europol regarding the match in question, therefore, there is no evidence to suspect any wrongdoing by the team.

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