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Just What is Wrong With the England Football Team?

Once again England disappoint the fans. Expensive tickets,an empty Wembley stadium, and a half decent performance. What; or who, is to blame?


The foreign import is not why our national team is bad far from it. The National team is bad because of our press and the way they pressure young British players, by putting unfair comparisons on them. we over hype, over rate and over pay our talents at the cost of the national team. e.g Andy Carroll; was he really a talent? No, but at a young age he was overrated and over-hyped until it got to his head. Wilshere and Rodwell shows some sign of a rising star, but nothing more, Pep Guardiola said in 2010 during a Champions League interview ‘He’s (Jack) lucky, as Arsenal have time. There is not the pressure to win titles as quickly as possible. We have second-team players like him.
But the press took overrating his every move of the ball to that of someone who plays in Madrid or Barcelona’s midfield. It gets into the players head’s. Lallana scores 2 goals a match and he is know a top player? The media even claimed he was a young player, but he is older than Ozil! We should be looking at players like; Nathaniel Chalobah, Patrick Bamford (both Chelsea), Harry Kane (Tottenham) and Daniel Crowley (Arsenal). This is our future for England, so let’s progress them. Not a 30-Something Rickie Lambert or other players who have been out of form and still selected.

Keller: Young players are allowed to make mistakes

Young players and 1st team selection

In the German league young players are selected. If they make a mistake, they have made a mistake they’re then told and they move on. In the next game he will be selected and learn from his mistake. In the Premier league, if young British players do get selected and make a mistake then that would be the last you see of them. Or the mainstream media will blast the manger in the media for selecting him.This is why the England manager’s job is so hard. For example if Hodgson picks Josh McEachran, who is a very good player on loan to Vitesse; he would be criticised and told he has no Premier League experience and if he had a poor game he is no longer good enough. The England manager’s job is run by how popular you are within the media that dictates a lot of aspects of the England job. But according to ex-Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, he is good enough to start for Chelsea. So with the lack of top class players and most of all out of form players being selected, isn’t it time for players like Josh to be selected, especially in friendlies with vastly inferior teams.

“He can play in the first team right now, without problem. Josh is very young but he showed fantastic ability.” (Carlo Ancelotti on Josh McEachran)

Technical ability

England’s problem is that no one in the current England team has the ball control of the players in the top nations. Just spend some time watching how all the best non-English players, always kill the ball with their first touch. They can kick it harder on the passes and the receiver still controls it. They don’t head the ball aimlessly and out of control when the ball comes at head height – they take it on the chest and control it on the first touch. And they also don’t give up possession by putting in useless speculative crosses which almost always end up being fielded by the taller defence. Also the ubiquitous goalmouth scramble relied on in the Premier League doesn’t happen in international football, because the refs don’t allow the ridiculous melees we get on these shores.

“Maybe the Eredivisie is sometimes a bit naive, most teams look to play attacking football,” says Frank De Boer. “We have so many young players in the league, they will make schoolboy mistakes.” (Frank de Boer, on Dutch football.)

The Dutch and German leagues show there is a key route to the national team, especially if they can see a little gleam of talent. Players like Draxler (Germany) or even more in 2010 Joachim Lowe called up 4 unknown players to his German team. Hummels (21) and 18-year-old Goetze,

“All these players have played very well for a long period of time this season,” said Loew. “I am convinced they can make the leap on to the big international stage. The old argument that you have to perform for two or three years before earning a call-up does not count for me. It can also happen after a few weeks and age does not matter.” (

Is Roy Hodgson the right man?

Has Hodgson ever been known for exciting football that cuts through defences? The answer is never. So why when we appointed him, did we all of a sudden expect him to get the team playing that way? Say what you want about Harry, but when he was at Tottenham they were playing some of the best football in England. Hoddle understands youth football. For English football to succeed, we need better formations, playing styles but also someone who understands the culture of youth and will pick players on form not reputation.

Redknapp even said in an interview with LBC Glenn Hoddle, who I have a lot of time for. He possibly has unfinished business and has a great football brain. That statement for me proves what I am saying, we need fresh tactics, a manager who knows youth and can implement them into international football.

What do you think that the main problems with the England national team are? Should Roy Hodgson stay in his job? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @TBRFootball .

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