‘It’s still possible’: Spurs are nervous to hire 'world class' manager, but it could happen – journalist
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‘It’s still possible’: Spurs are nervous to hire 'world class' manager, but it could happen – journalist

Tottenham are said to be quite nervous about the idea of hiring Mauricio Pochettino to replace Antonio Conte, but it could still happen.

This is what Tom Allnutt has stated on Off The Ball.

The Times journalist has stated that Spurs and Pochettino are currently playing a bit of a game of cat and mouse as they both hold a slight interest in a reunion, but they also have their eyes on other situations.

This is a very intriguing scenario as Spurs want Pochettino, but not as their top target, while Pochettino wants to go to Spurs, but it’s not his first-choice either.

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Cat and mouse

Allnutt shared what he knows about this situation.

“I do wonder if the last few days make it more likely that they go for Pochettino because it’s an easy win to get fans back on side and have a feel-good factor again, but there is some nervousness from Spurs, and to be honest from Pochettino as well. Both parties right now are playing cat and mouse, they are both interested but not wanting to offend the other, but Pochettino is wondering if the Real Madrid job will become available, and Spurs are wondering if they could be better off going for someone else. I think it’s still possible that it happens, but there’s a reason it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not a slam-dunk as some people may expect,” Allnutt said.

May take time

It sounds as though Pochettino returning to Spurs is a distinct possibility, but if this one is going to happen, it will take time.

Indeed, the Argentine will want to wait and see if the Real Madrid job comes up, while Tottenham also want to scope out the managerial landscape.

That may all take some time, so if the ‘world class‘ manager is to return to the north London club, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

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