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Is this Watford striker really worth the rumoured £30 million?

Leicester City

Is this Watford striker really worth the rumoured £30 million?

Two seasons ago, Troy Deeney was a Championship footballer. Even now, he can only boast one campaign of Premier league experience. From these two statements alone, what value would put on this English striker…10 million, maybe 15 million at best? Well, Leicester City have had two bids turned down of £20 million and £25 million respectively.

Claudio Ranieri and The Foxes believe Deeney would link up well with Jamie Vardy as he can play as a main striker and also in a more withdrawn role as he has proved during his time at Watford. If this deal happened, it would triple the champions’ record transfer fee when they payed around £10 million  for Leonardo Ulloa last summer.

With Deeney scoring an average of 20 goals a season in the last four seasons and at 27 years of age, is Deeney overpriced? If so, why are Watford holding on to him instead of cashing out on a player they bought for just £500,000?

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Firstly, the television deal has to be considered. Each club is estimated to get a share of £8 billion, equating to around £96 million per club. This is a big factor for all clubs; especially for Leicester, because for the champions of last season, the prize fee was increased to around £37.75 million. This was always going to spark summer transfer sprees all over the place, but just because there is more money around, it should not affect a player’s price.

The television deal is good in a way, though as it allows teams in the bottom half of the table to keep hold of their players, and Watford are planning to double Deeney’s wages to keep hold of him. So, the value of players may have gone up in England, so it may be best to look for players from other leagues.

Let us compare Deeney’s transfer quote to some other strikers around the same price. Towards the end of last season, Arsenal were apparently planning a £30 million bid for Daniel Sturridge. Does this mean that Deeney is as good as Daniel Sturridge, or is it really how much Deeney means to the Hornets?

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Another example is a youngster who has been labelled as one of Europe’s most promising strikers. Michu Batshuayi is being pursued by many Premier League clubs. He is 22 years of age and has been scoring goals for French outfit Marseille. He has also been valued at around £30 million. The fact that Deeney has scored his 15 goals in the Premier league may be considered as more impressive.

A final example is Lyon striker Alexander Lacazette. He is also being rumoured to be valued at £30 million. Lacazette is a prolific striker gathering loads of interest and is three years younger than Troy Deeney. Is Deeney on the same level as some of these names simply because his price is equivalent? These other names are being pursued by a significant number of Premier League clubs, while Deeney is only being hunted by Leicester.

At the end of the day, Troy Deeney is Watford’s star player and the price tag slapped on him is more to warn teams off. It is clear that they value and cherish Deeney who quite frankly has become an icon at Vicarage road. A price put on a player isn’t down completely to statistics. In fact, it is mainly down to perceptions and precedents and Watford perceive the English 27-year-old as their most valuable player and he is also their captain, which is the highest position in terms of squad status, further contributing to the value.

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So, is Troy Deeney worth £30 million? To other clubs, probably not, as they can secure better quality players from elsewhere for similar prices. At the same time, from Watford’s perspective, it is clear to see why they value him at £30 million because of his iconic status and the goals he gives them. Mike Walters from the Mirror online said:

“Every man has his price, even the most even the most revered player at Vicarage Road since favourite son Luther Blissett. About £100 million should do it.”

So, in other words Troy Deeney isn’t worth 30 million to other clubs but his sentimental value to Watford is something that is difficult to put a price on.

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