'I wasn't there': Journalist shares what he was told about William Saliba as he left the Emirates last night
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'I wasn't there': Journalist shares what he was told about William Saliba as he left the Emirates last night

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Charles Watts has been discussing William Saliba and what he did after the game against Sporting on Thursday.

Saliba was substituted with an injury in the Europa League on Thursday and Gunners fans are waiting with bated breath to see if they’ll be without their key man for an extended period.

Luckily, it sounds as though Saliba may be ok. Watts spoke to some of his colleagues after the Sporting game and they saw Saliba walking out of the dressing room looking absolutely fine without the aid of crutches.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Takehiro Tomiyasu who left the dressing room on crutches after the match.

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Saliba looked fine

Watts shared what he heard from his colleague about Saliba.

“They all saw Tomiyasu walk out and he was on crutches, I’d be surprised if he’s back quickly from that,” Watts said.

“Saliba went through as well, I wasn’t there, but Simon from the Standard was there and he says that he looked ok. He looked perfectly fine as he walked off, there were no crutches like Tomiyasu or anything he just walked through normally. That’s potentially a good sign, hopefully it was a more precaution thing with Saliba.”

Fingers crossed

Saliba walking away from the game unaided is a good sign, but we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Indeed, the fact that Saliba can walk just fine definitely doesn’t mean that he isn’t injured. After all, playing 90 minutes of football is a completely different thing to being able to walk out of a stadium without crutches.

However, as Watts says, it is a good sign, and we can only hope that he’s fit enough to be back in the team as soon as possible as the Gunners try to sustain their title challenge.

Luckily, even if Saliba is injured, the international break is upon us so he shouldn’t miss too much action in any case.

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