How to upload your article via WordPress

We ask that all of our columnists upload their submissions directly onto WordPress via, to assist our editors and to ensure all work can be easily tracked.

If you follow the simple steps laid out below, the process will become routine very quickly:

  1. To log in, use your username that has recently been assigned to you (or will be shortly) and password. If it is your first time logging in, you will have to create a password using the reset link.
  2. Once logged in, hover over ‘Posts’ in the left-hand-side border menu and select ‘Add New’.
  3. This is the blank template for all article submissions. Paste your article into the large empty window that is below the ‘visual / text’ tab.
  4. Add a title to the article in the section above. The editors will take care of the final title, so do not worry about coming up with something too inventive. The only request is that the topic of your submission is clear so that the editors can quickly keep track of what has been submitted.
  5. Check that the submission is under your name. This should be done automatically, but just below the main text box, there is a drop-down menu titled ‘author’. Once you have a profile on the site, your name will appear in this list so just double-check that your name is selected.
  6. If you are happy with your submission, you need to save it as ‘pending review’. You can find this in the top right of the page. By default, it will be set to ‘save draft’. Please only use this option if you wish to come back to your article at a later time for some reason. To change to ‘save as pending’, edit the ‘status’ from ‘draft’ to ‘pending review’.
  7. Save your article and leave the page.