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Give Rodgers a chance!

Since yesterday’s 3-0 defeat to West Brom, I’ve seen and heard a number of comments from Liverpool supporters suggesting Brendan Rodgers is the wrong choice of manager for the club. One game into the season and a select number of fans are calling for change, it’s absurd.

In my opinion, the biggest problem that faces Liverpool is accepting the fact they aren’t the domestic power they used to be. For me, too many supporters use the clubs history to set the clubs targets each season. The fans are expecting huge success from a team that’s nowhere near as strong as it used to be.

As far as Brendan Rodgers is concerned, in my eyes he’s a top class manager. At Swansea he certainly proved his ability, securing promotion and then guaranteeing a second season in the top flight for his former side.

Since joining Liverpool at the beginning of the summer, the 39 year old has desperately attempted to implement his tika-taka philosophy on the team-a style of football that earned Swansea so many admirers last campaign.

So far, it seems the Reds have struggled to adapt to these tactics. However, this is not an excuse to give up. With a few clever additions to the side, Rodgers could easily run his effective system at Anfield.

We’ve already witnessed these small changes, with the addition of Joe Allen and Fabio Borini. Both players are very familiar to Rodgers, considering he’s worked with them in the past. The obvious issue in recent campaigns has been the signing of in-form players for ridiculous sums of money; these players have then arrived at the club and struggled in the limelight of such a huge fee (Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson).

Rodgers seems to be taking a much different approach to previous Liverpool managers and I think he just needs to be given time. I’m not talking 6-12 months, I mean 2-3 seasons. A period that’ll give the squad a chance to adapt and become familiar with the style Rodgers is so eager to see.

The first hurdle to overcome however is the fans expectations. I think people now need to realise Liverpool are no longer ‘a Champions League club’ – a phrase that has been falsely used for several seasons now – once this happens, the club can move on with the pressure of living up to a currently unattainable status.

I honestly believe that Liverpool will challenge the top four again within the next few years. But the club needs to re-establish the stability that’s helped them experience so much success in the past – a different manager each season is not going achieve this.

If Rodgers is given the chance to guide the club through its current stage of transition, I’m sure they’ll compete against the likes of City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal again. Only time will tell in this situation.

On the brightside, despite a lack of trophies in recent years, the club certainly hasn’t lost its reputation; Anfield still attracts top class players – surely a sign of hope for even the greatest pessimist!