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Former WWE star Kurt Angle reacts as Arsenal use his music in bore draw

Kurt Angle of the US displays the national flag af


Former WWE star Kurt Angle reacts as Arsenal use his music in bore draw

Arsenal have recently made a habit of coming out to wrestling music, especially those attributable to WWE’s infamous attitude era. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme music and Triple H’s masterful ‘The Game’ by Motorhead have previously been heard by fans in the past. Arsenal even paid tribute to the late John Huber, AEW’s Brodie Lee, recently after his tragic passing due to a non-Covid related lung issue on Boxing Day at just 41-years-old. 

This week, as Arsenal took on Crystal Palace at The Emirates, it was the turn of Kurt Angle. It’s true. It’s damn true. 


(Photo by JULIAN FINNEY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The former WWE Champion, who won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games with a broken freakin’ neck, was clearly pleased to hear that Arsenal decided his anthem deserved its place in this new cult scene. 

Angle took to Twitter to share his glee at Arsenal’s choice of walkout music but admitted he was disappointed not to hear the obligatory ‘you suck’ chants that usually go along with the tune, regardless of Angle’s status as either a face or a heel. 


If there were fans in attendance, they would have been happy to take the chant on. 

Arsenal and Palace played a fairly dull 0-0 draw at The Emirates with Angle’s music the clear highlight of the night for anyone interested in wrestling/football crossovers.

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