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Football League Timeline

I’ve been looking at the Football League’s micro-site celebrating 125 years of ‘The World’s Original League Football Competition.’

It can be dangerous to create micro-sites that take traffic directly to a specific subject or campaign area and by-pass opportunities to view other related web content. However, in this case, the styling and navigation are just right for such a historical football resource.

There is also a rolling voting facility for fans to vote on their club’s favourite, managers, players, games and so on. I’m sure this will ensure a high level of engagement – at least in the short-term while the voting is in play. To kick-off, you can vote for your favourite manager.

It makes for very interesting reading – or revision – if, for example, you head into the Timeline section for 1988 to 2013 and recall the League’s original opposition to the proposals leading to the Premier League breakaway in 1991. Who would otherwise have remembered their doomed ‘One Game One Team One Voice’ document?

The ’125 years in numbers’ is also interesting and I suspect this resource will be referenced often in the weeks and months to come. I hope they retain the resource too and perhaps even have rolling updates? It’s a micro site with a macro reach.