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Five Talking Points from Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Five Talking Points from Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Arsenal defeated Crystal Palace 2-1 in the Premier League on the opening day of the season thanks to goals by Laurent Koscielny and Welsh scoring machine from last season; Aaron Ramsey. What were the biggest talking points to arise from the match?

Assessing Arsenal’s New Signings

To assess them as whole, the new Arsenal signings deserve a B-, maybe even a B+. Matheiu Debuchy, Calum Chambers and Alexis Sanchez showed they have quality and promise. Debuchy is certainly going to have tough boots to fill as Bacary Sagna’s replacement but he has yet to disappoint. He has a lot to improve on but he showed that the talent is there to become a more rounded player under Wenger’s tutelage and be a reliable Arsenal defender for years to come.

Calum Chambers had a very good match and although it was his first, he showed great positioning, body strength and tackling ability. He looked confident and as he develops into Arsenal’s style of play he will be even better, perhaps going on to be a rock at the heart of their defence for a decade or more.

Alexis Sanchez has quality, we all know that. He displayed that level of performance during his first match as a Gunner; he was confident and more importantly he can create chances. The only problem was that his finishing was slightly off the mark but I expect that this will arrive sooner rather than later when he becomes acclimatised to his new Premier League surroundings at Arsenal.

Arsenal Lack Attack

A big problem that Arsenal has is attacking. During the match it was evident that it was their major weakness. But it’s also something that is not new.

Arsenal had a majority of possession during the match but for some reason, it’s difficult for them to create chances and to finish. They have the quality in Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Oliver Giroud but Wenger is going to have to put in another striker to aide Giroud. He just simply can not do it all by himself.

The gunners have the quality and they have the talent but they can’t keep scoring goals on set pieces. Wenger is going to have to do something to fix this problem because Arsenal will not win the Premier League title like this. Last season was the prime example.

Crystal Palace Promise Much

Although all the sudden managerial changes going around Crystal Palace, the team displayed a good start. They had some rocky moments but they took advantage of Arsenal’s slip ups and scored the first goal of the match.

Marouane Chamakh will certainly be the star player for the team. He showed confidence and bravery although he committed some clumsy fouls. He was arguably one of the best players of the match. Palace have good players that will definitely do some great things for the club in the future.

The squad in general displayed a good showing, they were very unlucky in the end of match. But if they continue to work defensively throughout the season they will be okay.

They certainly are not ready for Champion’s League or Europa League but if they stay consistent defensively and stop teams from creating chances like they did with Arsenal, they will be okay.

Aaron Ramsey Remains Vital

Aaron Ramsey is a special player for Arsenal. He has shown recently that he is very effective for the team. He stepped up for his team when they needed him and it showed that he is developing into a reliable player.

The midfielder scored five goals in his last six games. If anything he’s only going to get better. It seems he works well when Arsenal need him most, and he’s good with high pressure situations.

He is that one player that Arsenal can certainly build their team around in the future. The 23 year old’s goal in injury time proves that he is the go to player in difficult times. He’s scored various crucial goals for Arsenal last season and this season will be nothing short. He just needs to stay healthy and stay confident because he is a special player.

Based on the performance, can Arsenal be successful this season?

Arsenal’s success is going to have to come from the attack. They will not win the Premier League title with a weak attack and a shaky defense. That being said they will win the title if they stay consistent with scoring goals in high pressure situations.

A thing that Arsenal fans need to think of right now is that the Germans from the World Cup have yet to be integrated into the team this season and once they all get together, Arsenal will get into their grove and they will have a good season.

They are too talented to be failures and this could be a good season for the Gunners.


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