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Fantasy Football GW36: Analysing the fixtures

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Fantasy Football GW36: Analysing the fixtures

36 down and now just the two to go. The last real key game-week of the season is now upon us and no doubt the usual mix of glee and horror awaits, luring us in with promises of a bonanza week, before dishing out one last kick in the gut to send us on our merry way for the summer.

The big guns failed to deliver again last time out as Arsenal stumbled over the line against Norwich and City cemented their place as this seasons number one flop from those challenging for the title – much to the displeasure of us fantasy folk – and don’t get us started on Liverpool and their merry-go-round team!

Last week we featured West Ham, Liverpool and Sunderland as those with the better double game-week (DGW) fixtures as well as Arsenal due to their handy enough schedule, however much they struggle with it.

So, this week we’ll take a look at some of the other DGW teams who may be worth looking at and, as usual, a couple who may need dealing with if we want to finish the season with anything other than a whimper.

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Let’s start off with what little there is left of the Fixture Tracker itself. It may be diminishing but it’s still all important as we can see from a quick glance, with a huge DGW37 on the horizon…

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Favourable Fixtures

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Chelsea – Sunderland (A) + Liverpool (A), Leicester (H)

Buoyed by last week’s depriving of Spurs’ title bid, season long stutterers Chelsea might just be worth a fantasy flutter in these last two remaining GW’s. Bournemouth got bashed up last week and that’s now six goals scored in the last two games for the Blues and with some now interesting fixtures ahead, the likes of Diego Costa – if you’re brave enough to select the Spanzilian brawler – Eden Hazard or Cesc Fabregas could provide some great returns for us.

Big Gus Hiddink has, as usual, delivered what was required of him and halted Jose’s shocking relegation bid and the players will surely be eager to give the fans something to cheer about before the season ends to add to tonight’s result. Decent fixtures lie ahead and if we’ve learned anything this season, Chelsea will probably get murdered in all of them! Lets hope they don’t…

Starting off the DGW is an encounter with Sunderland. Well on the way to survival, the Black Cats will not roll over for anyone and will need to be outworked, outran and outmanoeuvred in all areas for Chelsea to come away with anything. Big Sam would probably take a draw in this one and to be fair it’s not the worst of predictions either. Hard to see a clean sheet in this one but forwards from both teams should do okay at least.

Now, the big one. This fixture has produced some crackers down the years and this one should be no different. Jurgen’s brand of madness ensures that his teams are involved in goal fests and with the very recent resurgence of POTY, Eden Hazard, this game could easily provide a boat load of FPL points for us to chew on. Have no fear in taking an attacker or two for this one.

Lastly, a game that a few weeks ago would have meant one thing and one thing only; Roman Abramovich firing blank cheques at future boss Antonio Conte like there’s no tomorrow and a Vardy/Mahrez hat-trick, such is the gulf in class between the two sides this season. Now that the league is wrapped up the final day of the season may belong to Chelsea and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them get an odd win.

There are points to be gained from this lot – stocking up on an attacker or two might just be the way to go.

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Manchester United – Norwich (A) + West Ham (A), Bournemouth (H)

What lies ahead for Manchester United is a complete mystery but one thing is for sure, there’s still a lot to play for this season what with both Arsenal and City seemingly reluctant to secure their top four places, leaving the door open for this unlikely United team to squeak in. We said it last time out and we say it again; hang your heads in shame if the Red Devils make it in.


United come into this week in good enough form to be fair, with just the one defeat to title chasing Spurs in the last six games. Four wins and a draw make up the rest and looking ahead to United’s last three, scooping seven points is more than possible and may just be enough to save at least some of the embarrassment of this season, however jammy it may be! GW38 is a peach for the Red Devils but it’s this weekend’s DGW that we’re really interested in…

First up in said double is perhaps the easiest game of the three remaining for Louis’ army. An away at Norwich then, a game that should in theory be a relative walkover for any ‘team’ other than drop zone squatters Villa. The Canaries have been awful recently despite running Arsenal pretty close, losing the previous two by a combined 4-0 to Sunderland and Crystal Palace. United’s defence has been decent on the whole this season and it should hold out in this game pretty easily and if Sunderland can trounce you, well, United will probably just about scrape past by the odd goal.

With that warm up out of the way it’s on to a real game and an opponent which is scoring for fun in recent weeks and one who is challenging for a European spot itself. Spearheaded by talisman Dimitri Payet, the Hammers have been excellent this season and fully deserve their high ranking just now. Unbeaten in six and with 15 goals scored during that time, and indeed 10 conceded, there could be fireworks in this one and plenty of points to be had from both teams.

United then round out the season with a juicy home game with the now safe Bournemouth. There’s likely to be something to play for for United no matter what happens in the DGW so we’re predicting a win on the last day, probably to nil.

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Watford – Liverpool (A) + Norwich (A), Sunderland (H)

Before we start with this lot, it needs to be said that Watford are looking like they’re on the beach mentally, leaving big question marks over their potential productivity in this here DGW. Last weekend was a prime example of where the Hornets are just now. Going behind against Villa was bad enough, but to then pull it back and lose another is truly dreadful and shows what can be done to teams with nothing to play for.

Eventually the embarrassment kicked in and forced a surge and that was enough to score twice in quick succession against the no-hopers. The remaining fixtures do look good however but how deep to go with Watford cover remains to be seen. One may be enough and preferably that one would be Troy Deeney. Lets have a look at their games then, starting with the current no1 favourites in FPL circles these days..

Joke, of course. Predicting the Reds’ lineup each week is next to impossible but to be fair that may, may, just play into the hands of Quique Sanchez Flores. Drawing with Newcastle, 2-2 in GW35 was bad enough but to then be royally spanked by Swansea is taking the proverbial. Who know what to predict from Jurgen Klopp’s team but there may well be a heap of goals for both teams in this one, or indeed any game that Liverpool play in the league these days.

We’ve already touched on Norwich’s plight but they are at least fighting for their lives. This could be another all action game because of this and if it’s to be a straight shootout between Jerome & Mbokani and Deeney & Ighalo then there’s surely only one winner. Watford finish off the campaign with a home game and one against another struggling team, Sunderland. Well, at least struggling to survive but certainly rapidly improving under big Sam’s guidance.

To be fair we could probably do with looking elsewhere for GW38 point hauls but if push comes to shove and a Watford attacker needs to be played then it’s far form the worst of fixtures to have.

Be wary of

Manchester City – Arsenal (H), Swansea (A)

Who would have thought that this lot would be FPL scrapheaps at this stage of the season? City started like men possessed this season, hammering goals away and keeping clean sheets all over the shop but as the season has progressed they’ve gotten shakier, and shakier, and shakier, etc etc. Just the two GW’s left then and just the two games to play and with Europe to aim for. Hmm, time to drop them City premiums and spread the wealth throughout your team with DGW’y goodness. So long, Manuel. You’re a likeable guy but man have you bummed out this season.

Tottenham – Southampton (H), Newcastle (A)

And that’s a wrap for Spurs you’d imagine. Fair play to Mauricio Pochettino for guiding this team to the Champions League and so very nearly scooping the big prize. The complexion now changes a wee bit and even though the horror experienced by selling Spurs attackers caused recently is still fresh in our minds, the disappointment of losing out must be considered, especially as arch rivals Chelsea were the ones to take the result away from them tonight. Might Spurs open up and go on a mad one for the last two? They might, as second place isn’t yet guaranteed but it may now be time to get comfortable with selling on Kane and Toby.

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One week wonder aka who is playing Villa?

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Is there any point in this? Probably not as who in their right mind would be buying Newcastle players this week? Absolutely nobody of course but if you happened to listen to Cookie last week and went out and bought Townsend, well, firstly, you’re a jammy fecker, and secondly, it might just be a good differential this week as Villa are of course a DGW unto themselves. There mate, I’ve said it, now leave me alone.

Good luck this week!

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