Enhance Your Footballing Performance This Winter with Base Layers 

Enhance Your Footballing Performance This Winter with Base Layers 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay warm and protected when playing football during the winter months. In fact, many of the world’s superstars are getting in on the act.

Whether you’re watching Lionel Messi and friends at the Nou Camp or your local Sunday league team at the municipal park, you will notice that a lot of players are staying warm these days with the help of base layers and compression garments from The Soccer Store.

More than just a fashion statement 

So much of what footballers wear these days is related to fashion, but the latest base layers are about much more than looking good on the pitch.

A thermal base layer – often referred to as a compression garment – aids the flow of blood to the muscles, which promotes faster and more effective recovery. Wearing these garments when playing or training helps your muscles to get the energy they need, whilst keeping the build-up of cramp-inducing lactic acid to a minimum.

Utilising the latest developments in textile technology 

Modern base layers adopt the latest advances in fibre technology to keep players warmer for longer. Specially adapted fibres trap your body heat by reflecting it back at you, instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere.

But unlike older base layer designs, the latest garments don’t retain moisture and leave you carrying around extra weight. This means you can play at the very top of your game during the winter – without having to worry about the damp and the cold making things more difficult.

Base layers for goalkeepers 

There are base layers designed specifically for use by goalkeepers too. As well as ensuring ‘keepers remain warm and dry during inclement weather, these high-tech garments include areas of thick padding. This allows ‘keepers to dive around on frozen pitches and astro-turf without having to worry about damaging their knees and elbows.

A wide range of colours for compliance with kit regulations 

Base layers and compression garments are designed to be worn underneath a football strip or training gear. Available in a wide range of colours, these advanced items of clothing can be worn without breaching your league’s rules on strips.

Choose from long and short-sleeved compression tops, base layer leggings and padded base layers for goalkeepers. Whether you wear them for training or during a match, they will keep you warm, comfortable and compliant with league regulations.

Make your muscles work more efficiently 

Staying warm and dry during periods of intense physical activity is important for several reasons. Statistics show that muscles strains, pulls and tears are more likely to occur during cold weather.

There is also a body of evidence proving that you consume more oxygen when you’re colder. This can gradually increase lactic acid production – making cramping more likely. Muscle contractions are also less powerful in the cold, which can curtail your physical performance and affect most areas of your game.

If you want to improve your physical performance, reduce the chances of sustaining muscle injuries and generally feel more comfortable playing football in cold conditions, add some base layers and compression garments to your equipment inventory.

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