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Ciro-you Later Arsene: Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal

Borussia Dortmund’s 2-0 defeat over Arsenal was a more than comfortable affair for the German side as they practically terrorized the Gunners in the opening match of the UEFA Champions League group stage. Italian international Ciro Immobile opened up the scoring in the 45th minute as he striked a nice a ball into the Arsenal net, giving no chance whatsoever for Wojciech Szczensy to save. Just minutes into the second half Borussia Dortmund were up again as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang chipped a nice ball into the net, putting the Germans up 2-0.

With the chances that Dortmund created in this match, they could have easily been up 4-0 by the last whistle. They showed that are very capable of making far in Europe this season. Furthermore, Arsenal on the other hand, have a lot of work to do. Once again, the midfield looks weak, the defense looks weak, and the attack looks weak. They should be grateful that they only lost 2-0 versus the amount of chances that Dortmund had.

It appears that Arsene Wenger is continually makes excuses for his team. In all fairness to Mesut Ozil, from the outside looking in, he needs to be benched. Instead of benching certain players, Wenger will continue to place players outside of their positions. Mesut Ozil is not good as a winger, and he excels in the Attacking Midfielder position. There is a reason he is or was  in this case, one of the best assisters in Europe.

Danny Welbeck needs to start showing up in the biggest matches. He had about two good chances in the game but that is not enough. Arsenal fans wanted Wenger to sign a striker good enough and even better than Olivier Giroud and right now, he has shown that he is neither of those. He shows potential and he is not a bad player but he needs to work on his finishing. Overall Arsenal as a whole had their weaknesses exposed yet again. Including another injury as Jack Wilshire is now out with a sprained ankle. Arsenal are just proving that they lack the pace needed to succeed in the Champions League.

Dortmund on the other hand looked sharp and confident. And considering the fact they did not even have their full squad, they are going to be good. Jurgen Klopp as enthusiastic as he is, gets the best out of his club. Despite losing Robert Lewandowski to rivals, Bayern Munich, they look like they are in great shape.

Although, this was the first game, it is a good indicator of what teams will be like in the following matches. Arsenal did not give Dortmund that large of a fight and it is not a good sign. Arsene Wenger has a lot to do before October 1st, if he wants his team to succeed out of the group stage.

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