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Arsene Wenger speaks out amid reports Arsenal are withdrawing from European Super League

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Arsene Wenger speaks out amid reports Arsenal are withdrawing from European Super League

Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger has given his verdict on the reportedly imminent collapse of the European Super League.

On Sunday night, the football world was rocked by news that 12 European teams, including six Premier League sides, were looking to establish a new midweek competition.

Along with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were also involved.


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AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid had joined from continental Europe.

However, Chelsea and Manchester City have reportedly begun proceedings to withdraw from the competition amid backlash from many fans, pundits and even players and coaches.

And talkSPORT has claimed that all of the clubs involved in the controversial plans are meeting on Tuesday night to disband the idea.

“I’m not surprised it didn’t last long,” Wenger told beIN – as quoted on Twitter by presenter Andy Kerr – on Tuesday night.

“I never believed from the start it would happen. It ignored the basic principles of sporting merit.


“If you ignore that you kill the domestic leagues, so fans would never accept that. Rightly so.”

Wenger added: “The damage that has been done between clubs in the Premier League will be difficult to repair.

“Every suggestion from the 6 clubs who wanted to join the Super League, will now be very hard to get through.”

He finished by saying: “I must say the biggest paradox in all of this was the English clubs.

“England voted for Brexit to master their own destiny. England has the strongest league in the world.

“By signing these documents, they were destroying the Premier League. Unbelievable.”

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