Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal: Diaby hands Wenger the bragging rights

hoo! haa! hooraah! phew! ok then. In my pocket. 2 gold cards which read …
Power to in-your-face any LFC fan this season. Childish joy. But I could really use more of it. Lots more. Clean sheet. 2 brilliant goals, very Arsenal. Opened scoring. No injuries. Beat Sahin-stealing, Racist-supporting, Caroll-singing (add YNWA joke of choice) Liverpool FC on their own turf. Ooh yeah babay! Eat that!

In other news, scientists believe that Diaby has just discovered the missing link between strikers and defenders. “Lo and behold! I am the new yeah yeah!” All right, without getting carried away it was a Diaby performance all his fans wanted to see. And how those fans have waited (the Diaby die-hards). I can’t convince my mirror that I would not have been ok had Diaby and Walcott been cleared out this summer. Lots did. But lots many also knew he’d come around. Back from his injury and be capable of a sterling perfomance that we saw on Sunday. It just takes my mind back to a late carling cup evening when The Arsenal were leading by a single goal and clock was crawling to wind down the last 3 minutes in extra time. I will never forget that face of Arsene’s when he screamed impatiently to his players “Give it to Abou! Give it to Abou!”. Such has been his faith in Diaby. He believes in him.

And that’s what separates Arsene Wenger from most other managers. When he hits upon the magical combination or talent+integrity, he does all he can & more to stand by that player. Allowing Cesc to eventually leave for his home-town is a shining example of that. The swift disposal of Alex Song is an example in reverse. When the player starts putting himself before the club and fans all the time, he gets striked off so quick from Arsene’s book that it leaves the Sagnas of the world perplexed. Look at him, look at those sharp eyes. Those worry lines on his forehead, under a well trimmed grey mop. Piss him off and you don’t even have to pardon his french.

Even though we scored 2 spectacular goals owing to the genius of Cazorla & the precision of Podolski (due thanks to Shelvey too for sleeping on the job for the 2nd), It is indeed Diaby who has taken the limelight. At least this week. Some of it may well be owed to his child like smile in the post game interview. He deserves it. He has waited for his time. He put in a good show. He is elated and so is everyone else.

The fans have found a new hero. The hero has found new fans. And this week on Social Media its all Diaby, even through the international break people can’t stop talking and worrying about Diaby. There is a rumor circulating about a ‘niggle’ that he might have picked up. But it looks more like the ‘arrangement’ between le prof & Deschamps. I am worried too. A little bit to be honest.

No, no hang on wait a minute, before you accuse me of putting all eggs in a basket. Of course I want him to succeed and do well. Of course I want him to have his best year at Arsenal. But I am not pinning all my hopes on one man. Diaby represents more than another creative midfielder for Arsenal. He stands for Arsene’s evolving system. Where a CDM is not a must. Arteta is lying deep and with support doing a splendid job. It offers more creativity and more momentum going forward. For now it is definitely a small victory for our little experiment. But time will tell how long Coquelin would have to wait his turn. If you ask me, the longer the better.

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