Andros Townsend - Full of Frustration or Potential?

Andros Townsend - Full of Frustration or Potential?

Andros Townsend; a player with everything in his locker, but struggling to get that out on the pitch consistently!

So, what’s Townsend’s problem?

We know he’s one of the best dribblers in the Premier League in the 2013-2014 season Andros had the highest dribble success rate in the Premier League.

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Andros has tremendous ball skills and his ability to take on opposing defenders is amazing. He seems to have no problem picking up the ball anywhere on the pitch and Speeding past defenders at will. But when he gets into the box he stutters. Then instead of using his skill and speed he takes a long shot instead of taken on players in the box. All Tottenham Hotspur fans can see his potential.. But will his talent and eagerness to learn turn him into a top player? Or will he be turned into a Lennon so much talent just couldn’t express it all of it on the pitch.

If Townsend can turn his kick and run approach into, running into the box with his amazing skill and pace and taking shots from inside the box and only taking long shots if there is the right moment, he will be a top player. The England international has shown promise in all other aspects of his game leading to an England call up , only not going to the World Cup due to injury.

“Tottenham haven’t bought any players capable of doing something like that and the one player they have who could do is Andros Townsend.

“The trouble is, at the moment he doesn’t succeed much because he has so many shots off target. So many times he fails to get any reward for the things he tries.

“He can really bring something to the team and when the ball reaches his feet, you can see that he has the capability of creating something completely different.

“However, when he is running at players, dribbling and doing his stuff, the final decision he makes is not really appropriate. He goes on to shoot when he should have passed or tried a one-two.

“I would love to work with him on getting all the end product. His start is always good – getting the ball from the line and running inside or outside

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What does Townsend need to work on?
The team plays/Vision: Sometimes Andros has the ball, but instead of passing to a player who is in a better position he will take a shot.
Ball retention: Townsend loses the ball far too much, but always makes the effort to track back and defend or even win the ball back.

Long shots: If the angle is right then taking one is not an issue, but for me if he drives into the box, he could pick up an assist, or even a goal for himself.
Box player: Townsend isn’t in the opposition’s box enough, compare his shots from inside to outside the box tells you the whole story, according to Squawka, the 23 year old took a total of 56 shots, 7 in the area, 49 outside with a shot accuracy of 56%.

The comparison listed above is key, because it shows you why Townsend is getting criticised. Sterling is taking more shots inside the area and if he doesn’t shoot in the area he passes and at least claims an assist. Because Sterling is running into the box he has more angles to his disposal which lets him have a high shot accuracy.
Townsend’s take-on’s and dribbling skills are excellent, if he can put everything together and work on certain aspects of his game he will be a top player. In my opinion I think the more Townsend plays the better he will get especially under Pochettino who turned Lallana and Rodrigez into England internationals.

If he can amend aspects of his game he will be a key player at the club and for the national team. I believe the frustration of Townsend is actually worth keeping him because the potential shows he will be a talent. If you remember, the Bale early days, there was the same frustration and he became good, in fact world class!

How do you see Andros Townsend’s career playing out in the coming months and years? Is he destined for greatness if he continues to work hard enough, or were his displays last season simply the start of a similar trend to the career of David Bentley? Let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter @TBRFootball .


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