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Analysing Adam Lallana’s latest superb performance for Liverpool against Stoke City

One man who has benefited perhaps more than any other from the arrival of Jurgen Klopp is clearly Adam Lallana. Now with an added dimension to his game of a clinical nature, finishing off the chances that previously so often went begging, Lallana has converted from just a playmaker creating chances for others to a dangerous threat himself whilst still creating those chances.

Against Stoke City he showed exactly the kind of predatory instinct that had been missing to find a crucial equaliser for the Reds not long before the break. When Glen Johnson’s poor touch put the ball half a yard away from where he would have liked it, the Liverpool number 20 was there to fire home at the near post.

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Lallana’s runs from deep caused problems throughout, with neither Stoke’s midfield nor their defence quite sure where he would appear or when, at times creating a gaping hole in the middle of the box as he dragged others out when he looked to exploit the flanks as Stoke left themselves exposed out wide with their three man central defence.

That was where Lallana had much of his joy on Tuesday, looking to get wide before cutting back to the likes of Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane to explode into the box, and it showed as he created opportunities throughout and pulled off a number of impressive passes in the final third.

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There is little doubting that Lallana is the most in form Englishman in the Premier League at present. With four goals and two assists in his last five games, he is the hub of creativity without Philippe Coutinho in the side. Whereas it was Coutinho who would create something out of nothing, it is now Lallana in his absence. With ten minutes until half time and a physical Stoke side in the lead, there was no better time for the midfielder to create a chance or score one himself, and that’s exactly what he did. Lallana’s form is the best around, but could we be seeing him develop this form into the norm?

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