‘Again and again’: Journalist shares what he keeps hearing about managers who Tottenham want to hire
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‘Again and again’: Journalist shares what he keeps hearing about managers who Tottenham want to hire

Tottenham are really struggling to get a new manager through the door at the moment, and there is one reservation that a number of prospective managers keep bringing up.

Indeed, according to Charlie Eccleshare, speaking on The View From The Lane Podcast, a number of Tottenham manager targets have questioned the merits of taking the Spurs job after watching Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte fail in north London.

Of course, Spurs fans don’t have many good things to say about Mourinho or Conte, but the reality is that they’re still highly respected within coaching circles, and potential managers point at their failures and believe that Spurs may just have a ceiling that has already been reached.

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Mourinho and Conte affecting manager search

Eccleshare shared what he knows about this situation.

“It’s just not attractive at the moment, Spurs still have tons going for them, a great stadium, a great training ground, a great history, great support, but there are many issues, and it is seen by many as a managerial graveyard. Something that has come up again and again is people saying ‘for a lot of managers they’re looking at it and thinking look at what it did for Mourinho and Conte.’” Eccleshare said.

“We can look at it and say Conte and Mourinho were terrible, but they are widely respective in coaching circles, they’ve achieved a huge amount and have been successful everywhere they’ve been.”

Hard sell

This makes a lot of sense.

Indeed, it’s going to be so hard to sell the Spurs job to any prospective manager. After all, two of the best coaches in modern history have failed.

You have to be quite he egotist to go in at Tottenham and believe that you can do better than Conte and Mourinho, and any manager who takes that sort of risk has to know that it could backfire.

Tottenham may well struggle to get a new gaffer.

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