‘After the World Cup’: Pundit says £27m Arsenal player's form has actually got worse in 2023
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‘After the World Cup’: Pundit says £27m Arsenal player's form has actually got worse in 2023

Speaking on the Highbury Squad YouTube channel, Kevin Campbell has been discussing William Saliba and how he’s gotten on this season.

As we all know, Saliba has been excellent this term. He’s taken to the Premier League like a duck to water and has barely put a foot wrong for the Gunners.

However, despite his brilliant form, Campbell has noted that the Frenchman has gone backwards since the World Cup, claiming that he hasn’t hit the same kind of heights in 2023.

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Saliba has gotten worse

Campbell gave his verdict on the defender.

“I think Saliba, first half of the season, up to the World Cup, he was outstanding, he virtually didn’t put a foot wrong. After the World Cup he didn’t hit the heights and needed Gabriel beside him. Gabriel has been outstanding, but Saliba is coming into his own again now and it’s about the partnership. Saliba is younger and more elegant than Gabriel,” Campbell said.

“Take your pick, I don’t mind. He’s right in a sense. I like Gabriel for his aggressiveness and without that Saliba can’t do what he does, so I think the complement is great. I’m glad they have the cannon on their chests, that’ll do me.”

What a player

Campbell may be right, Saliba hasn’t been at his best since the World Cup, but Saliba at 90 per cent is still much better than most other centre-backs in the Premier League and in Arsenal’s recent history.

It must be brilliant for Arsenal fans to finally have a defender like this who can be relied upon even when he’s not playing at the peak of his powers, and the scary thing is that he’s only 21 – he can still get better.

£27m for Saliba truly looks like a bargain at this point.

Arsenal have a real star on their hands here, and in a few years’ time we could be looking at one of the best defenders on the planet.

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