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Who is Adrien Rabiot and where will he end up?

With two weeks left in the transfer window, teams all around the football world are still looking to sign new players. Fresh, new and young players. Perhaps 19-year-old midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

Adrien Rabiot started his professional football career at the mere age of 17 years old when he signed his first contract with French champions Paris Saint-Germain. Though only playing 6 matches with PSG his first season, the young midfielder was loaned to Toulouse where he scored his first goal.

Rabiot is looked at as a future talent for PSG but it is evident that he wants out of the Paris capital. The club has been rumored to have gone through three failed contract extension negotiations with the player. Undoubtedly Rabiot is on his way out of PSG.

A move to Arsenal?

A move to Arsenal appears to be the most likely option for Rabiot although Juventus looks to be promising as well. But according to Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, the north London club have contacted PSG about Rabiot and a €30m fee is being demanded. 

This news comes after reports that PSG have accepted a €5m bid for the youngster a few days ago. At this point it is unclear what Arsenal are going to do. Rabiot’s contract is up next season and he could easily leave as a free agent. 

But he is clearly unsettled at PSG. He wants extensive playing time and that is something he will not get if it stays with the club. With Arsenal he can develop into the player that he wants to be. He is on the U-21 French National team, and he probably has his mind on the fact that the Euro 2016 will be hosted in France and these next two seasons are going to be very crucial  for him to try and make the French senior squad.

A move to Chelsea?

Realistically speaking Adrien Rabiot is not headed to Stamford Bridge anytime soon. Chelsea have expressed interest in the young midfielder but with the Parisians bumping up Rabiot’s transfer fee to a rumored €30m, it’s very unrealistic at this point that they will make a bid. 

What is the best option?

The 19-year-old’s best option is Arsenal. He will be a stronger league, he’ll have an excellent coach in Arsene Wenger. He will be able to develop his skills much quicker in a harder league. But with that being said there is a slight chance that he will not get a lot of playing time with Arsenal as he is 19 but the future appears to be much more brighter for him if he can immerse out in the Premier League.

However Juventus and Roma are allegedly very interested in the young midfielder. Juventus could be a very good option for him as well since the club seems to be stocking up on young players to build their future.

At this point everything is in PSG’s hand. They have no choice but to let him go. PSG coach Laurent Blanc was asked about the young midfielder and had this to say, “Adrien Rabiot recieved a very attractive contract offer from PSG, but apparently it did not interest him. A real shame.”

Rabiot has yet to play a Ligue 1 match this season for PSG as he has been out on injury. But in terms of his transfer rumors at this point, anything can happen. It is unknown where he is going to go but we can be certain that he will not be staying at PSG.

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