Aaron Ramsdale says 25-year-old Spurs player is a wind-up merchant
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Aaron Ramsdale says 25-year-old Spurs player is a wind-up merchant

Aaron Ramsdale has discussed Richarlison after being asked by ESPN about some of the best wind-up merchants in football, and suggested that the Tottenham Hotspur star knows how to get under people’s skin.

Richarlison, of course, has been a divisive figure throughout his time in the Premier League. He is certainly someone opposition fans love to hate with some of his antics.

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Earlier this season, he attracted attention for doing some keepy-uppies during Spurs’ win over Nottingham Forest. Meanwhile, more recently, he has landed himself in hot water for comments he made about how little he has played under Antonio Conte since his move to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Ramsdale discusses Richarlison

Ramsdale was asked to rate some of the best wind-up merchants in the game. The likes of Jose Mourinho, Jordan Pickford and Diego Costa came up.

Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

But he was also asked about Richarlison. Obviously, it is interesting territory given the rivalry between the North London sides. But it also comes after the pair clashed in the most recent derby.

Richarlison took exception with Ramsdale celebrating Arsenal’s win in front of the Tottenham fans. He even claimed that the Gunners goalkeeper had been disrespectful with the reaction to the result.

Ramsdale did not put Richarlison amongst the best wind-ups in the game, instead opting for the second tier. But he did note that he is capable of really annoying opponents.

“Wind-up merchant,” he told ESPN. “He knows how to get under people’s skin, doesn’t he.

“Sometimes it’s to his advantage and sometimes it’s not. It can either bite you in the bum, or work in your favour. And I think there’s been times when it has worked in his favour, so yeah, I think he’s a wind-up merchant.”

More wind-up merchants in the game, please!

Neutrals certainly love to see characters such as Ramsdale and Richarlison in the game. It makes football so much more interesting when you know that things could get heated in an instant.

They are the kind of players that their own fans absolutely adore. But they are also ones opposition supporters often despise when they are playing.

You would not even be surprised if Ramsdale kept Richarlison out of the top tier just to wind the Tottenham man up a little bit.

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