May 30, 2015
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How twitter reacted to the re-election of Sepp Blatter

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Darth Vadar, King Joffery and that evil Nazi dictator I forget the name of all crumble from power. Sepp Blatter however, remains a constant. Elected for a fifth time as the head honcho of football’s global governing body and with its reputation in tatters, eight of his disciples in the brig for bribery and corruption charges (a place where he could find himself if rumours are to be believed), he has a very arduous task of proving that Fifa isn’t a corrupt, money-grabbing, civil-rights neglecting, power-mongering state to the masses of supporting football bodies.

UEFA, aka Michel Platini has been very vocal in the last couple of days in regards to Sepp and FIFA given the news and involvement of the FBI team in USA. Platini, however is not the only one with a vocal opinion of the goings on in FIFA and with Sepp being elected yet again.

Here are some of the highlights from some prestigious talent across the Twitter-sphere.


David Gill in protest:

People wanting him seeing the inside of a cell:

Key opposition from Figo about FIFA:

Phil McNulty with some quotes from former Tranmere boss Johnny King:

Lastly, Gary Lineker on the hashtag #blatterout:




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